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Synchronizing Frequency, Phase and time using NCS 540

Hello Dears,


I am new to PTP subject and its kind of hard to understand it, I am now working on configuring PTP so that my LTE sites will synchronize frequency, phase and time through my NCS 540 switch which runs IOS XR 7.0.1.

I have few questions:

1- For synchronizing frequency, do I need a physical device or something to be connected to the switch?

2- For the phase and TOD, do I need the GPS to be connected?

3- The switch has 10Mhz port, how can I check this port if its up or not?

4- For my scenario, which profiles shall I use?  (G.8265.1 and G.8275.1/G.8275.2) together, or i can just ue G.8275.1/G.8275.2 in order to synchronize (frequency, phase and time) ?

5- on my switch when I type (sho ptp platform servo ) it shows (Servo status: Stopped) but on my ASR9K it shows below info, also the ASR configuration is not correct since the device status is (FREERUN):


RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:-RO01#sho ptp platform servo
Servo status: Running
Servo stat_index: 6
Device status: FREERUN
Servo log level: 0
Phase Alignment Accuracy: 69203408 ns
Sync timestamp updated: 0
Sync timestamp discarded: 0
Delay timestamp updated: 0
Delay timestamp discarded: 0
Previous Received Timestamp T1: 0.000000000 T2: 0.000000000 T3: 0.000000000 T4: 0.000000000
Last Received Timestamp T1: 0.000000000 T2: 0.000000000 T3: 0.000000000 T4: 0.000000000
Offset from master: 0 secs, 0 nsecs
Mean path delay : 0 secs, 0 nsecs
setTime():0 stepTime():0 adjustFreq():0 adjustFreqTime():0
Last setTime: 0.000000000 flag:0 Last stepTime:0, Last adjustFreq:0


6-If available, please show an example of the configuration.


I do appreciate your help dears,


Thank you for your time.