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Understanding Cisco licensing

So I picked up a used 2911 to replace my aging 3825 that I use for home router and intercom system via low end cisco 69xx voip phones. Was hoping the newer unit, advertised with CME 12, would let me maybe upgrade my phones to something more colorful.

Note: I have avoided the move to 29xx ISR2 whatever due to the licensing debacle I have seen and heard from others. But that was 7 years ago and I need to get my feet wet....

So ebay ad was: CISCO 2911-V/K9 Gigabit Voice Router UC License CISCO2911-V/K9 ios-15.7 CME-12.0 and I ASSumed if it said voice router UC lic, and cme 12, that I would get just that. But no....

I do not see any CME files on the flash: system, and there is no telephony-service. So before I ream the seller, I want to make sure I know what the hell I am talking about.

Feature name Enforcement Evaluation Subscription Enabled RightToUse
ipbasek9 no no no yes no
securityk9 yes yes no yes yes
uck9 yes yes no no yes
datak9 yes yes no yes yes
FoundationSuiteK9 yes yes no no yes
AdvUCSuiteK9 yes yes no no yes
ios-ips-update yes yes yes no yes
SNASw yes yes no no yes
hseck9 yes no no yes no
cme-srst yes yes no no yes
mgmt-plug-and-play yes no no no no

I do not know how to properly interpret this information, nor do I know what RightToUse actually means.
Is there any way to "activate" the uck9 license and use this unit to run a measly 2 phones for intercom?
Does this mean the router is NOT a voice router as described by seller?

sigh.... friggin' cisco and their convoluted mess... Can anyone throw me a bone here?

VIP Mentor

as per below it evaluation and right to use.


AdvUCSuiteK9 yes yes no no yes
cme-srst yes yes no no yes


Can you post show version.

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