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Hi,The ACE primary of platform tv-cat (6509 + ACE20) failed to give service and failed to see the secondary and the opposite too, getting the two active.10134123245 syslog 02/09/2012 14:05:42 09/02/2012 14:05:42 1 Feb 9 Feb 2012 13:42:55 tv-cat-ctxdn...

We are using the app_offline.htm file to take servers down for maintainence.  I know we can manually take the RSERVER out of service, but the actuall objective is to keep the server up, and let the ASP page return the message to user.  So the app_off...

melcara by Level 1
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Resolved! ACE - peer probes

Hi,We have a scenario where we PBR certain certain source IP`s back into the ACE to perform server NAT`ing. This is routed into the ACE via a alias IP.Problem we have is this breaks probes on the back up ACE as we health check the same IP`s for a inb...

achrich by Level 1
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Hello,Just got few alarms in one of WAE's saying router unreachable.I put the right wccp passwords, reset the cms tables and database, bounced the device but still no good. It can register with the CM but there is no traffic going through.Major Alarm...

Srin_G by Level 3
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Resolved! ACE FT GROUP.

Hi,What is the standard design for FT group for multiple context. Should we have just two FT group or seperate FT group for each context.The doubt behind is that -Suppose i have 4 context A,B,C,D.   Context A& B assigned to FT group 1 and C & D assig...

Hi,I've general question about ACE probe timers. I've following probe setup:probe https probe:1061  port 1061  interval 34  passdetect interval 17  open 1 ACE# sh probe probe:1061detail probe       : probe:1061 type        : HTTPS state       : ACTIV...

gavin han by Level 1
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