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We have 4 Bluecoats with ACE 4710 to load balance. The ACE is used in Bridge mode.We are using URL hashing.We were facing internet slowness , we were waiting about 15 secs to get responds on the internet browsers when opening any url ,even the reques...

Hi I am getting the following message while trying to configure WCCP redirection on my 7200 router. I have added this router to the routerlist of the WAE edge device. Ping is successful, but the following problem prevails.NASCM-MPLS#show ip wccpGloba...

Eagan-7371-7#show wccp flows tcp-promiscuous Flow counts for service: TCP Promiscuous 61 Bucket                               Flow Counts  0- 11:     0     0     0   886  4335  1652  6066   435  5767  1871     0     012- 23:     0     0     0     0 ...

Hi  All , We have faced  a VIP outage in the load balancer.When we are giving a continuous ping towards the  VIP from  outside it is  facing  the  intermitted  connectivity . Some time can ping but  other time we  could not ping .It is not only  for ...

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I am having a problem routing back to external internet traffic from VIPs located on web facing Bridged VLANs. Here is the issue, and it is probably an easy fix, but this is the first time implementing a Transparent LB.The ACE module is sitting in br...