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Resolved! CSM - Source NAT

hi,I`ve read various posts regarding this subject but with various outcomes.My requirements is for the real servers to be SNAT behind the same VIP as DNAT but only for certain destinations. I`ve done this on a CSS with source-groups & ACL`s but im no...

achrich by Beginner
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I have a simple WAAS lab set up with a 7341 as the Core datacenter WAAS and an NM-WAE module in a 3845 as the remote WAAS. The two are connected via a dual-T1 multilink. I've attached a Visio showing the set up and WCCP config of the devices and rou...

jkeeffe by Explorer
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Resolved! ACNS design/setup

Hello everyone,I've just started learning ACNS and I'm a bit confused about some of the setup/design options. I'm just reviewing the documentation and do not have the kit yet so I can't try things out the moment. This is what I have found out so far...

I have 2 web servers that I am load balanncing. Is there a way to set up an automatic out of service so that if the real server goes down, the load balancer will automatically not balance to the downed server. What is happening is that apache is dy...

jlhainy by Explorer
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Resolved! FWLB with one ACE

Hello.I am planning the deployment of FWLB with only one ACE in routed mode. I have more than 20 DMZ and all traffic between then must be balanced by the ACE to be filtered by one of the FWSMs.On ACE, I am planing to create one interface vlan per DMZ...

jcarvalh by Beginner
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