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Please note that Remote Expert Mobile announced end-of-life and support will end on February 28, 2022.

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Cisco Jabber CAXL SDK Last Activity

Hello!Please, tell me  how i can give user last activity time(XEP-0012 Last Activity)? This code not works://       client.event("iqReceived").bind(function (evt) {console.log(;});var st= client.sendIq('get', 'user@mail', "<query xmlns='jab...

daa1987 by Beginner
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VBA with Cisco Jabber

Hi Everyone, I use Cisco Jabber (messenger program) at my work and I am trying to set-up an auto-reply function using VBA. When I receive a message in Jabber, I want to process the message, perform some calculative action using vba, then reply.I have...

Richard_90 by Beginner
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The APIs accept application username and password and only the end user's ID this is not same as built in app in ipphone which accepts end users userid and pin.Concern:1.If the API doesn't ask for end user pin then it can be misused by anyone who kno...

jtsubram by Cisco Employee
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CUPI - copying a COS: No license found for Standard SpeechView Transcription Service

Hello,I have an existing COS on my Unity Connection server. I want to copy it using the REST API (CUPI).The first step is the GET request on the existing component. The result is :{    "URI": "/vmrest/coses/7d2ff3a8-aaf7-4af3-82e8-796791955389",    "...

Resolved! REM 11.5 Advanced CSDK

Hello I created simple Web Application using CSDK REM 11.5. I noticed that after disconnecting the agent, the apllication is asking again share camera. I created this application according to "Cisco Remote Expert Mobile 11.5.1 - Advanced CSDK Develop...