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CSCtb86562 - 3.6.3 Preferred path broken in pw-class in l2vpn

I see SMU on my node but I can't find the SMU on cisco website because it installed long time, I can't find the tar file. Where could I download the SMU? (admin)#sho ins act sum | inc 562    disk0:hfr-lc-3.6.3.CSCtb86562-1.0.0 Thank you very much.

Bug CSCea08781

HI all,PID : WS-C6509-EIOS : 15.0(1)SY1can anyone give me an explanation of the Bug 'CSCea08781'? I am facing a log that says "TTY2: timer_create_bg error" after I configure the timer of telnet and while I was searching for the reason I found the bug...