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We are running CSRs in our AWS govcloud environment and we have purchased 3 year licenses for them. ``` Index 43 Feature: sec_5G License Type: Permanent Start Date: N/A, End Date: Aug 11 2020 License State: Active, In Use License Count: Non-Counted L...

chun.ning by Beginner
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Hello,   I have an Cisco CSR 1000V BYOL ec2 instance running inside a VPC. I have also purchased a license from the Cisco portal for that host and have the ".lic" file downloaded on my laptop.   On going through the steps to activate the host with th...

julietv9 by Beginner
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Good Afternoon,   I am new to this community and wanted to know if anyone could provide assistance with modifying Lambda scripts for the Cisco CSR 1000v in an AWS Transit Network.   Summary: The Lambda scripts appear to be hard coded to use interface...

Hi,   Can someone please confirm what TAC support options are available for AWS direct billed CSR instances (both hourly and yearly billing)? I haven't been able to find support ordering information documented anywhere.   Specifically looking for sup...

alex.rae by Beginner
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hi fellow networkers, i'm looking at setting up an amazon cloud service. there will be a csr1000v that needs to support 500 vpn ipsec tunnels and a throughput of 100mbps. so i got some questions regarding the csr1000v.1.what amazon instance do i need...

Need to implement a Transit VPC in AWS using CSR but there are a number of questions that the AWS marketplace site for CSR does not answer. 1.  Is there support other than the forums?  a.  Do you get a higher level of support after you sign up?  I se...

macombej by Beginner
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Hi All - having a very weird issue that I cant get to the bottom of...   Using the AWS Transit VPC reference architecture, connected to one of our dev VPCs without issue.  Now trying to stand-up secondary tunnels to a 3rd party provider (also using A...

I am trying to forward fragmented UDP packets using an AWS 1000v instance from other EC2 instances in the same VPC, but they appear to be dropped on the internal virtual Etherent interface on the router. This also applies when pinging the virtual rou...

Hello Community, I would like to understand if it's possible to perform more than just a route table change when the CSR detects BFD peer down events? I am in the process of replacing an old VPN capability for a number of customers from Vyatta to CSR...

Symptom: "When I select the Vnet and then the subnet it uses the .4 IP , which is already allocated to another device. The .4 address is the next available IP within the CIDR, but it is not available for use. Is it possible to change that IP to somet...

tbanuelo by Cisco Employee
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We are thinking about adopting CSR 1000v to connect branch offices.The maximun of IP sec VPN tunnels is very important fodder for making our decision.But, as far as I have confirmed, there were no statements about it under official Cisco documents. S...