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Webex XML API with SSO Auth

Hi all,

I have written an XML API script (in Postman) that will update a users Webex PMR PIN number via the XML API and it works on the devnet test site (apidemoeu.Webex.c_m/WBXService/XMLService) but the customer has their site integrated with SSO (ADFS). 

I have an account that I can login and host meetings with, but the XML command when pushed to the production site fails with an authentication fail. 

Is there a problem with trying to use the XML API for a Webex site that has SSO configured?



Cisco Employee

What ever happened?

I too would be interested in knowing if this was resolved.  We have a similar issue so would be helpful to know how they worked through this, if at all.


Looping back to this in case others come across this in their dev efforts... 

We use OAuth and are able to connect without issue. You'll find that PostMan is your friend in this effort...

In a nutshell, we created our integration here and obtained the various keys needed in your app.  

You'll also need to define the redirect URI and we've learned they are case sensitive.  

You can only have 2 redirect URI's so we have one for DEV and one for Prod.  

Set what permissions you want your app to have using the integration... 

Now you have to code the app to have a way to "login" to webex using the URL provided in your app created above.

You'll need to add in elements from your IDP, we use ADFS so that was pretty straight forward.

Once you have that working, the login will provide a "code"  with that, you can obtain an access token and refresh token.

The access and refresh token is unique to the user that generated to code, so you cannot share it with other accounts.

Once you have an access token, you can obtain a session ticket.

Now you have enough to authenticate... pass your user name and session ticket in your security context along with your site name.


I know this doesn't get into how to actually do this, but in a nutshell this is how it all works.


This Python/VS Code repo includes some Webex meetings samples, including handling both Webex meetings and Webex messaging OAuth providers:

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