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check if router support routing voice


check if router support routing voice

I am not asking about what routers accept the presence of a voice card

i ask about how i can check if my router if it is routing voice and video call or not

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Nithin Eluvathingal
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Could you kindly share more details regarding the router model, licenses installed etc..

share sh inventory, sh version, show license summary.

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I can't send result of 15 router hear

i just need how to check if router can send and recived voice packets or not 


What do you mean with "if router can send and recived voice packets or not"?

A voice/video packet is just a payload in an IP packet. And obviously, a router is there to send / receive IP packets.

yes but i ask if can router has routing to do that or not 

It’s just IP packets, so any L3 device can pass through this traffic. If your question is really about routing calls in IOS, ie actually handling call routing in IOS, not “just” the IP traffic that is a different thing. You would see the presence of dial peers in your configuration if your router is setup to handle call routing. For details on how call routing in IOS is setup please have a look at this outstanding document.

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If you are referring  to the call routing, check if it has dial-peer.. Configuration depends on your setup.


If you need to know the router support voice commands, show license summary will give you information regarding the UC package.


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i ask about 


how i can check if router 1 can suppport send and recived voice packet from my phones to my router voice r2

As multiple of us have already given you an answer any L3 device, ie router or switch with that capability, can handle any IP packages. This includes voice payload or any other type of payload. There is no specific configuration needed for this in r1.

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is thare any command to check if my router is layer 3 or layer 2

A router is per definition a layer 3 device.

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I have 7 routers. I just need a way to distinguish from leyar 3 by coomands

So that I can put it in the right place

What is it that you don’t understand? A router is always a layer 3 capable device.

By the way you ask questions I would recommend you to take a basic networking course or reach out to a reputable Cisco partner to seek their help on this. This community is not in a position to help you out as you clearly lack the basic understanding of networking. Sorry to be so blunt, but it is impossible to help someone who doesn’t even have basic understanding of the topic asked.

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Router is a layer 3 device.

If this is  a production environment i would suggest to involve a partner who is good in voice/networking to assist you.

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if your phones next to r1 register with CME router R2 your traffic is flowing...

If your phones are not registering with CME router R2, run debugs( depending on phone models) on R2  check if receive any registration requests..


If you want you can aslo try some wireshark capture..

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