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Cisco Jabber Voicemail Problem

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The Voicemail of the Cisco Jabber does not work.

Error: Voicemail has stopped working.

Please pay attention to the screenshots.



Phone and chat services of Cisco Jabber for users are working correctly and there are no problems.
Only the voicemail problem is the Cisco Jabber.


Click on the screenshots to see the screenshots in high quality.



When the "Voicemail_Enabled" policy is active, it gives the "Renew Session" error.

Cisco jabber version.jpg



my system info:

Windows Cisco Jabber Version Build 307561

CUCM (registered - has a license)

CUP (registered - has a license)

CUC (registered - has a license)

ADFS - Windows Server 2016 Datacenter


CUCM Service Profile Configuration Screenshots:

uc service1.jpg


service profile1.jpg

Click on the screenshots to see the screenshots in high quality.

service profile2.jpgservice profile3.jpg


CUCM Jabber UC Service Config

uc service2.jpg

 Please note that the following policies are active by default.
SSO_Enabled = true
Voicemail_Enabled = true


jabber-config file has been deleted from CUCM OS TFTP.

All jabber configurations are set in CUCM UC service.


 CUC Screenshots:

Click on the screenshots to see the screenshots in high quality.



CUC SSO Status:



SSO Enabled on CUCM, CUP and CUC

SSO for managing CUC, CUCM, CUP Administration pages works correctly and has no problems.

CUC = SSL Certificates Status = Valid - OK [Multi SAN Certificate]
CUCM, CUP = SSL Certificates Status = Valid - OK [Multi SAN Certificate]

CUCM, CUP and CUC have ADFS SSO via Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.


CUCM and CUC have LDAP Configuration with Active Directory.

The following DNS records are set on DC and working correctly.

"cisco-uds" and "cuplogin" SRV Records

Users login to Cisco Jabber automatically with Active Directory credentials.


CSA Tool:

result of Analyze "Cisco Jabber PRT logs" via Cisco CSA Tool: OK - No problem

Click on the screenshots to see the screenshots in high quality.



Jabber logs:



Line 24763: 2023-08-05 16:59:46,756 DEBUG [0x000027e8] [ailplugin\jabbervoicemailpanel.cpp(1742)] [VoicemailPlugin] [JabberVoicemailPanel::OnVoicemailUnRegistered] - Voice mail unregistered, error code: EmptySSOAuthTokenProvided

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d3an.chen, thanks for the reply.
yes. I have read almost all official Cisco documents. and I could not find a solution.
regarding the document you linked to, if you look at the CUC screenshots in the first post, the "User Must Change at Next Sign-in" option is unchecked.

Apparently, your issue is with the Oauth Token, either CUC can't get new token from CUCM or your Jabber client can't get token from the CUCM.
you can run following command on CUCM and CUC to find out if both has the same token for jabber login. Make sure the necessary Oath services are enabled.
run sql select * from refreshtokendetails

refer to following document at page 16, for enabling the refresh token on CUC.

Let me know if this helps you.



its a refresh token issues. Have fully configured Oauth ?

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d3an.chen and Nithin Eluvathingal, thanks for replies.
I did not use OAuth. OAuth is disabled on UC.

If you enabled the SSO on your CUCM that will tell your Jabber to use OAuth token to authenticate everything.

I have SSO enabled without SIP OAuth only Oauth and refresh token and it works fine, if you read all the Cisco docs then you read the part about the AuthZ server?  

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