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Cisco Jabber

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I use Cisco Jabber 11.7.0 for iOS  and login with my WebEx account.

How do I start a video call? do I even have this option?

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Mark Swanson
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Level 4

By default, video calling between clients is allowed. The following parameters apply to all Cisco Jabber clients (all platforms);

StartCallWithVideo = TRUE (Default)

The server parameter below takes priority over the StartCallWithVideo parameter in the client configuration file. However, if users change the default option in the client user interface, that setting takes priority over both the server and client configurations.

For Cisco Unified Communications Manager release 9.x and later

1) Open the Cisco Unified CM Administration interface.

2) Select System > Enterprise Parameters.

3) Set a value for the Never Start Call with Video parameter and then select Save.

EnableVideo = TRUE (Default)

Even video desktop screen sharing is enabled by default;

EnableBFCPVideoDesktopShare = TRUE (Default)

Telephony_Enabled = TRUE (Default)

And finally, do you know if you're running in IM-Only mode or Full-UC mode?

Good Luck!

Thank you Mark!

but what if I don't have any cisco server? 

when I login to Jabber, I select WebEx Messaging under Advanced Options and then use my WebEx credentials to log in. 

Can I perform video calls that way?

Cisco Jabber should use the default parameters embedded during the installation IF you don't 1) provide an alternate configuration file (i.e. jabber-config.xml) via TFTP, 2) provide an alternate configuration file via CSF, or 3) specify an alternate configuration file via custom installer (i.e.

According to you, you don't need to worry about this because "you don't have any Cisco servers". Were you specifically talking about Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) and Cisco IM and Presence (IM&P)? Because, WebEx was purchased by Cisco back in 2007... so, technically... now it's called Cisco WebEx.

Check out the following limitations and restrictions regarding Cisco Jabber / WebEx;

Otherwise, I would recommend starting another forum under WebEx or contacting Cisco TAC about this one. Sorry that I couldn't be much help.