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Content Sharing with Cisco Intelligent Proximity


Hello team.

We have a very important project of Collaboration and Video conference with one of the our VIP clients and we need to know how would be the content sharing feature between endpoints and meetings participants.

The customer has 1 headquater and 14 branches around LATAM. We are designing two scenarios:

1. Video conference solution with Cisco Webex Video Mesh Nodes.
2. Video conference solution with Cisco Media Servers (CMS).

The important thing is that our Cisco AM told us that "Cisco Intelligent Proximity" will be out of market (EoL) soon, so the customer would have to use Cisco Webex Teams in their complete video conference platform to be able to share content without cables or without the participant having to enter the meeting, join to the Webex and there request control to share their desktop and content.

Is it true? Cisco Intelligent Proximity End of Live (EoL) will be announced? If that is correct, when will be that EoL date?

So, to be able to sharing content the only way is utilizing Cisco Webex Teams?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Ernesto Gonzalez

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While i haven't heard any dates yet, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case.

The old proximity app was very slow and clunky and only supported very low frame rates, and often with a delay between what you were doing on the laptop and what showed on the screen.  

The requirement to also have whoever was sharing with a device be a part fo the same network was also an issue for many places.

Webex Teams however, as it shares through the Webex Cloud, allows anyone with any device that has an internet connection available and is close to the unit to be able to present - this makes everything so much simpler and supports better frame rates and has a lot less lag.  This would be the way to go moving forward.

If you have queries about Cisco Proximity, there is a whole section of the forums dedicated to it:

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Thanks for your comments, @Wayne DeNardi 

So, we need to implement Webex Teams in the organization to be able to sharing content by wireless?

Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If there is no EOL/EOS publicly available, then that is a conversation you should be having with your SE/AM, if that is true, they should be able to find out more info for you, and most likely require an NDA to share with you as there is no public announcement.



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