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CWMS Licensing question

Greg Dickinson

I have a question about host licensing in CWMS, that's a little unclear from the docs.  Our users are synced with CUCM, and most of them are marked "inactive" as most users don't get hosting access.  Of the users that are marked "Active", most of them have a permanent license assigned, but somehow we have a few that don't.  We have a few permanent licenses available, so when one of these users that don't have a license assigned attempts to host a meeting, will one of these unassigned licenses be permanently assigned to them, or will they grab a "grace license" that will expire in 180 days?

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Ratheesh Kumar

Hi there


I guess your case comes with the Permanent Host License


Types of Host Licenses:-


  • Permanent Host License—An installed Host license purchased to allow a user to host meetings that is assigned to that user the first time that person hosts a meeting. A Host license can be manually assigned to a user by an administrator; a user does not have to wait to host a meeting to be assigned a license. If there is a user with a Grace license and a Permanent Host license becomes available, either by removal of a host or the purchase of additional Permanent Host licenses, the permanent license is assigned to the host with a Grace license.

    In version 2.5 or higher, a user never consumes more than one Permanent Host license and can host a maximum of two meetings at the same time. Also, a Permanent Host license is released for use by another host only when the user of that license is deactivated (as opposed to version 2.0 where the licenses of hosts that do not host meetings for a period of time are released). If someone attempts to host a meeting and:

    • There are no licenses available.

    • The license of the host has expired since the meeting was scheduled or the meeting host has been deactivated.

    An error message displays and the meeting cannot be started. (See Exceeding the Number of Available Licenses.)

  • Trial Host License—Temporary Host licenses assigned automatically in a system that is in the Trial period.

  • Grace Host License—A temporary license consumed by a meeting host in a Permanent License environment where all of the permanent licenses have been consumed. A limited number of Grace Host Licenses are temporarily available for a system with Permanent Host Licenses (a system not in a trial period) if the number of installed licenses is briefly exceeded. Warnings about the excess licenses are displayed to the administrator. Temporary Grace Host licenses in this scenario are associated with a user for 180 days. When a Permanent Host license becomes available, the Permanent Host license is associated with the user and the Grace license is released. If after 180 days the user with a Grace Host license has not acquired a Permanent Host license, the user is no longer allowed to host meetings. (See Exceeding the Number of Available Licenses for more information on system behavior when the number of Permanent Host licenses is exceeded.)

    When a user with a Permanent Host license is deactivated, the license is returned to the license pool. Active users with Grace Host licenses are not automatically granted the Permanent Host license. You must select Reserve license (see Editing Users) to release the Grace Host license and grant that user a Permanent Host license. Otherwise, the Permanent Host license remains in the pool until a new user is added to the system and hosts a meeting. In this event, the unused permanent license is associated with the new user.

  • Demonstration License—Temporary host licenses with varying valid durations provided by a vendor on a case-by-case basis. (They are primarily used for testing.) When these licenses expire, your system returns to its previous license status. A Demonstration Host license expires whether or not it is assigned to a user.

  • Local Host Licenses—Licenses managed on the local data center.

  • Remote Host Licenses—Licenses managed by using Active Directory.

  • Expired Host License—A temporary host license that has been invalidated because the time allotted has been exceeded. A user with an Expired Host license can still attend meetings and schedule meetings for others.


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