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Desktop Jabber remote control


Dear All,


Just want to know how to enable the Jabber remote control when desktop Jabber is sharing the screen to other.


Thanks all and please help.

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You need to use WebEx Messenger instead of IM&P to have that. Screen sharing outside of a call on WebEx Messenger secretly starts a WebEx but without the full WebEx MC UI. Because of that it gets WebEx MC screen sharing functionality, including remote control.

Everything else including screen sharing during a call (SIP BFCP) on either platform or IM-only screen sharing on IM&P is merely screen sharing without remote control abilities.

No, you can certainly do that, from my lab, IM&P 11.5, Jabber 11.9 on an IM session.
Once you have control, the Request control changes to Release Control on the second image.




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But on my test, it is not working. 

Should I enable this function through the XML to create a config file?



My understanding is Jabber Remote Desktop Control is only enabled for CUWL Pro/Messaging licensed users, not for CUWL Std or UCL Enh Plus (when using IM&P). PDIO confirmed this also but refused to link any documentation stating what PLM licensing will/not enable in Jabber. It appears the Collab Flex licensing enables remote control as well but after pricing that out we'd be crazy to leave CUWL.

Would love to see any documentation from Cisco on what enables remote desktop control vs what disables it.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

For the sake of clarity, you case was NOT handled by PDI, it was handled by GVE.

I've never seen any documentation that states that and never heard of this feature being tied to licensing, I do have CUWL pro in my lab so I can borrow from a higher tier.

Next week if I have a chance, I'll try to change the licensing to CUWL std and see if that makes a difference.



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Years ago with 10.5 on our initial deployment we purchased CUWLstd and noticed we couldn't remote control. We raised the issue with our channel SE who then advised us Pro was required. Regardless of whether it was PDI or GVE, trying to advocate for Jabber over Skype is a heavy lift when what is assumed as feature for feature availability isn't really there because customers/partners don't have clarity on what Std/Meetings does and does not have.

awesome, thanks for clearing that up... works for me.
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