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Jabber 11.7.1 Call Center One Way Audio

Russell Page

We currently have a TAC open for this issue. Thought I would give it a try here.

Situation:  We are updating from Jabber 11.5 to 11.7.1.  Testing we rolled out to our call center.  Randomly the call center staff is reporting that a call will go from normal audio to they cannot hear the caller. The caller can still hear them.  This happens with both internal and external calls.

We have Jabber 11.7.1 rolled out to several test groups.  The call center is the only one reporting the issue.  What is different about the call center:

  • They use Jabber exclusively.  They do not have hard phones.
  • We use Cisco Unified Workforce Optimization to record the call center calls
  • Windows 7 computers
  • Combination of Jabra and Plantronics headsets
  • We have implemented Windows based GPO QOS for Jabber 
  • We use UCCX to route calls to the call center -

side note:  

we have a second call center that we rolled Jabber 11.7 out to.  They are different from the call center above in that they have hard phones that are controlled by Jabber and we do not record their phone calls.

At first the issue seemed to be narrowed down to two individuals.  

Both had the most reports of issues.  

They both used the same Jabra 9400 Duo (stereo headset).  

Others, using different headsets report the same issue, just not a frequently

The call starts normally but then moves to one way audio during the call. The only solution is to hang up and call the caller back.

The issue is so random it is hard to troubleshoot. Maybe one or two calls a day or so. Sometimes only once or twice a week.

What we have done?

Put one on a wired headset - was OK during the test period but we had to move back to Jabra

Set one in UCM - built in bridge to off - this worked OK during the test period

TAC has gathered logs from UCM

TAC has confirmed the Jabra headset is on the compatibility list

We have downgraded the two back to Jabber 11.5 - so far so good

We have not replaced the headset.  Management is reluctant to do this.

I would appreciate any info and insight.  This may halt our roll out of Jabber 11.7.1.

Please let me know if more info or clarification is needed.  Thanks All



I also have this problem did tac come up with a solution?


Hi, I have seen a similar issue with a client getting it on their machines, with the first call on the machine, following a reboot. It's intermittent and not on every machine or even every reboot or everyday.

We are using CUCM 11.5.10000 and Jabber 11.7.1   What version of CUCM are you using?

Have you been able to find a resolution to your issue yet?


Did TAC ever come up with a solution?  We are experiencing this and TACs suggestion did not fix the issue.

Hi there


Can you share more info on your trouble. Whats the actual issue ? Whats the version you are running ? Are you using headsets ?


Hope this helps!


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We are running Call Manager 11.5, Jabber 11.9.2, and Calabrio One Suite 9.3 AQM.


Our headsets are USB, Plantronics C-520.

Basically our agents will be on a call for some period of time and then the audio on the agent's side will drop out.  They cannot hear the caller, but the caller can here them.  This goes on for a duration of about 30 seconds.  We had a TAC case open when we were running CUCM 10.5 and were told the fix was to shut off the OPUS codec.  That is when we upgraded to 11.5 (this past weekend) and disabled the OPUS codec.  Unfortunately, we are still seeing the problem.


What did TAC say about this issue?


Also, you had stated you rolled back to Jabber 11.5 in an attempt to eliminate the issue.  Did you have to stay on Jabber 11.5?

Anybody get anywhere with this??


Daniel Gagne



We have deployed Jabber 12.5.1 and are running in the same kind of issue.


Did you get any fix for that issue ?




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