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Jabber (for Windows) Auto Update for non local admin users

I have successfully deployed the automatic update for Jabber on domain PC's.... In my testing phase, I always tested on a user that was either a domain admin or a local admin of their machine and I was successful.... So when I deployed it for all users, I had to go around and enter in domain admin credentials to get the update to install... Is their a way to get around going from PC to PC for those non admin users to enter in domain admin credentials when a Jabber update is pushed out? Maybe something in the xml file?

IM and Presence 9.1

Jabber for Windows 9.6.1


Ellen Kennedy


Hi Ellen, I have the same

Hi Ellen, I have the same problem, do you have the solution?




Still having the issue with

Still having the issue with no work arounds..  It sucks because they Cisco releases Jabber updates for Windows all the time and include new features like the new locations feature and saving chat convos to Outlook folders, but these users cannot use this because all of my customers IT department personnel would have to go around and manually update or enter admin credentials on everyone's pc.

Not a solution to me nor is making the end users local/domain admins.




Maybe have your Windows guys

Maybe have your Windows guys check out this section about creating a custom installer that can be pushed via GPO...



We have the same problem but

We have the same problem but use Microsoft SCCM to push out the software and that does have install as administrator privileges.

It looks like your users will

It looks like your users will need to have the permissions to install the software.  There is no Cisco XML file that can provide a Windows user with increased privilege level for installing applications.

Before You Begin

  • Install and configure an HTTP server to host the XML file and installation package.

  • Ensure users have permission to install software updates on their workstations.

    Microsoft Windows stops update installations if users do not have administrative rights on their workstations. You must be logged in with administrative rights to complete installation.


It seems like something could

It seems like something could be provided to 'run as' with an administrators username and password to accomplish this from the xml file - thats the kind of answer i was looking for.... If we give all our users permissions to install software on their PC's, we would have virus outbreak galore. 

I'd have to talk to my Windows guys, but maybe a way to temporarily set users as local admins via group policy and then take it away after the update was sent out and all users executed the update... Just seems like a lot of work if this route was used - especially if you have over 500 users in the environment and have to make sure each one does the update prior to running the gp update to remove the users as local admins.



Probably worth checking with

Probably worth checking with your Windows guys to find out how they push out other software to the desktop and leverage that same process.  IMHO - just because Cisco enables a process, doesn't mean that's the best process for your environment.


A lot of other applications,

A lot of other applications, VidYo for instance, create updates that run off of the previously installed version of the application, thus allowing the update to take place and not having to reinstall the entire product.  I think Cisco should look into more effective ways to update the client.  In government environments like ours, it's completely unrealistic to expect admins to give elevated rights to users to install software on their pcs.  Just an out loud thought.



even Cisco's AnyConnect

even Cisco's AnyConnect client will upgrade without privilege escalation. Seems that Jabber should be able to do the same.

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