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Jabber for Windows - Chat Window Screen Pop

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I don't seem to see any way to configure the Jabber client so that the chat window pops up in front on a new chat (or any chat for that matter). I see where I can set it to play sounds when chats are received, but not actually pop up.

We had problems with CUPC as well, where it would pop up, but behind any open windows (kind of useless). This has been one of our biggest complaints from users.

Is there a way to do this and if not, is it on the roadmap?



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We're on 9.2.0 Build 496 and no hint of this feature in that version, either.  Any word on when this is going to roll out?  I have users (including me) that miss IMs for some time because they don't pop up, they only glow down on the taskbar.  Help!

We have the same complaint from our users.  Its a much needed enhancement.

Andre Toms
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This is INSANE... why has this not been added as of yet !?!?

This feature is so important to us that we have 60% of our user base now connecting to our Jabber server using other clients.

Management is considering moving to MS Lync just because this missing feature.

It's a daily conversation here... "Did you get my Jabber message about the meeting".... "NO...I never saw it".

This does not seem like it would be a very hard feature to implement... This feature has been in EVERY IM client I've installed since 1995....

The developement team must have spent some cycles getting that anoying "Docked Window" persistantly on the top of my screen in version 9.2.1 (that everyone turns off as soon as it installed)... time that would have better spent on having an existing window pop-up...

Here's a great idea...

Why don't you have the "Docked Window" slide open and display something like "(1) New IM from Joe Smith" when a new chat is received?

We have the same problem here.  Management out on hold the roll out of Jabber because of this one feature.  We have also done a demo of MS Lync and have a quote to go that route.  Its either that of have anyone using mixed clients as thats what users are doing now that we did have this rolled out to already.

Is there a ETA or does Cisco think this is just not that importment??? I'd hate to redo everything on MS Lync just cause this one feature is missing.

It does seem that feature parity with Lync is not high on Cisco's to do list.

Look at the feature list improvements from 9.1 to 9.2, really how many people are involved in the Jabber client build project, 1 or 2?

This thread is 12 months old, and still no single sign on, and only basic improvements in features. I'm really begining to think that Cisco has given up on Jabber.

Yes, yes SSO is now coming in CUCM 10 - great another 12 months for everything UC application to catchup, and yet we lose more installs to Lync.

There are several that will connect to our Jabber server however they are chat only. Pidgeon or Fire seem to be the most popular.

Using any other client will cause the user to loose all telephone integration however.

Think about this for a minute... Have a text message pop-up is soo important to 60% of my users that they are willing to loose all telephone integration with the Jabber / UCS server... and CISCO doesn't think it's worth spending developement cycles on that!

I have heard that Google Hangouts is able to connect to Jabber as well (not tested).

This will at lease add Google Hangouts video as another method of communicating.

If it can connect to Jabber this would be one of my first choices for a 3rd party app.

What other clients are you using that work well. What features are missing when using said clients?

When I was referring to clients I meant customers. I was comparing the features to MS Lync. If you look at the old IM system Spark, it is more feature rich than Jabber, it allows end uses to upload there own photos from Spark for all to see, it includes spell check and more.

And believe it or not I'm a Cisco fan, I'm just really frustrated with customers (client) moving away from Cisco UC to Lync voice mainly because Jabber isn't as polished and doesn't support SSO.

Single sign on and pop-up notifications are the two biggest reason I hear that people are making the switch.

Our company is actually scrapping Jabber IM because of its lack of development, bugs and features for Lync. Wish Cisco could dedicate some more resources to the project and to the cause. It has great potential, but its referred to as an infant project.

Still nothing but crickets from the CISCO guys on this huh?

I hear that there is a new client 9.3 scheduled for July, no idea what's included or excluded

Is there any update on this. We cannot roll this out currently. Some KEY users that I am testing Jabber with complain of constant pop up windows when they get calls. Were running 9.2.3 with SSO, only took me 2 weeks to get SSO working what a treat......

Andre Toms
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I believe that CISCO Unified communication integrates with Microsoft Lync now...

Not sure if you can get the MS Lync client to talk to a Jabber server or if you need to install an MS Lync server.

Either way I'm investigating both.

Sad that I may have to purchase and install a MS Lynch server to get Jabber chats to pop-up but it is that important to our user base.

If we have to we WILL dump our Jabber server just for this functionality.

This has been a feature request since 2005! Not having this functionality has rendered our Jabber client useless and unreliable. I can't tell you how many times I send someone a Jabber Chat just to sit and wait for a reply because the never even knew they recieved it. I should be able IM (the "I" is for instant) someone on a conf call (or wherever) to get a quick question answered... but how can they answer if they don't see it instantly?

We're in the same boat - a Supertoast-like pop up for Jabber has been promised for years now, but it never appears. We're running 9.2.2 and the settings dialog looks much the same as it did in the old CUPS days.

I'm just back from a Lync preview, and while Microsoft are equally poor at listening to their user base in this regard, at least they have a third party (Supertoast) to cash in on their ineptitude.

My company is now evaluating Lync. It's a slippery slope - if we end up reversing our Jabber deployment, which we're about 50% through, in favour of Lync, it'll be a foot in the door for Microsoft UM which I don't particularly want to see. Because once Lync is deployed, it's a natural progression to want PSTN voice via Lync, and from there, the core CUCM infrastrcuture is threatened.