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Martin Bradley

Jabber for Windows - Random user photos displaying incorrectly as someone else.


I hope someone can help me with this frustrating Jabber issue. 

Software Versions -

Jabber 10.6(4)

IMP Presence 10.5.1

User Machine is Windows 7 running on Citrix Xenapp 6.5


Running the software versions above we seem to be hitting an issue with Jabber contact photos displaying incorrectly.

When happens is User A can have a full list of contacts displaying all the correct pictures and information. User B can have 3 contacts all with the same picture (So 2 are wrong). When this happens i have checked the central photo repsitory on the network and the pictures are names and display the correct photo. On User B's machine however the Jabber photos are named as the correct user but when you open the photo up it is the wrong contact photo. All the contact details of the user with the wrong photo display as correct, extension, email and name etc. 

This seems to happen really randomly and to different users.

A workaround fix for this is on the user displaying the wrong photo, if you right click and then "view profile" the user picture changes to the correct one right away. 

If you also delete the Jabber cache and reload the client then this also fixes the issue. Both fixes however are temporary and this issue comes back usually the same day.


We are using contact information from LDAP / AD and the no directory is specified in the Jabber config file so using EDI i assume. Here is the Jabber config file i am using.


   <SearchBase1>OU=Non Admin Users,DC=DOMAIN,DC=UK</SearchBase1>


I have tried progressing this with TAC without success so far. 


Has anyone had a similar issue? Any help appreciated.






Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee

Hi Martin,

Please check the following




Hi Manish,


Thanks for the reply but that document doesn't tell me much. I have cleared the Jabber cache many times and it temporarily makes the contact photos right but then after a period of time they become messed up again. 





Ok, in that case TAC will hopefully find the root cause for you.


We open a case 2 months ago.  TAC still researching

Hi Javier,

Is your TAC still researching ?

I installed the Jabber 11.7.0 with the same error.

Thank you !


Hi Martin,

Did you ever find the root cause for this? We are seeing the same thing happening to random users where a contact photo won't match the actual contact its assigned to. Having a look at the IIS server that hosts the photos, all the photos are correct.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

J4W 11.5


Hi Raymond,

I can tell you what is causing this but not a solution. 

The cause for this is Citrix and i believe it is something to do with the photos being stored on a drive within Citrix xenapp. Not being a Citrix expert but i believe if there is a way not to store any of the jabber config / cache files on a Citrix fileshare then this would resolve it. 

I did a test with a Citrix client and a windows laptop. I logged in on both as the same user and the windows laptop was absolutely fine but the Citrix session showed the photos all showing incorrectly (other peoples faces on other users contacts). If you hover over the incorrect entries in Citrix then the picture refreshes and is updated to the correct one. 

When looking in the photo cache at the photos when displaying incorrectly the pictures are all named correctly but the picture are displaying wrong in the folder also. The pictures on the server are all correct though!

I hope this helps you out. If you come up with a solution please post it in here. 


Thanks Martin, unfortunately users are not using Citrix with Jabber. Im going thru the Jabber PRT logs to try and isolate if Jabber is saving them incorrectly in the /Photo cache. Performing a 'Reset Jabber' does fix the issue but it is occurring more and more frequently.

I got a TAC case as well. Hope to put this to bed soon.

Thanks again, I'll post an update when I have a resolution.


I'm hitting the same issue with Jabber for Windows version 11.5.0 and without any client virtualization infrastructure in place.

Please keep posted, thanks.

Somebody has a root cause for this issue? I have several clients with this problem too.

Javier Morales

I have exactly the same issue

We do not use desktop vitualization

Did you find a solution to this issue?

In my case the issue was caused by using the CUCM publisher as the HTTP repository for contact photos. I was using something like: http://cucm:6970/jabberphoto/%%uid%%.jpg and -- unbelievably -- it is not supported (as TAC told me). Well, the issue was fixed by moving the photos to a different web server -- not a CUCM node.

Still hard to believe but I've seen it with my own eyes

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