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Jabber MRA Chat and Screen Share Flow diagrams


Jabber 12.X and Expressways 12.x

IM/Presence Server 12.x

CUCM 12.x

I am trying to find documenation on how Jabber CHAT and SCREEN SHARE
Flow in the following example:
Two remote clients accessing network via MRA no VPN.

Jabber User A and Jabber User B are CHATTING with each other and are NOT on premise.
Expressway Edge and Core have been deployed. Does User A and User B,
what is the flow of the chat information between User A and User B?

User A does a IM Screen Share (BFCP) with User B. Does the screen share go through the Expressway Core
and Edge via Hair Pin?

I would like to find a Cisco docuement showing the flow of Chat and Screen Share.
I have found the information on how the Media flows but no flow information
on how Chat and Screen share flow.

Are Chat and Screen Share part of the media stream?

Thank you.


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Adam Pawlowski
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I'm not sure there's a document, you could refer to the mobile and remote access guide for more details on how the service works:


BFCP is media, yes. To the best of my knowledge IM only screen share is not supported over MRA, it would have to be a phone call. It would then follow the media flow that is in the guide above, depending on if you have ICE or not.


Again to the best of my knowledge, chat is between you and the IM and Presence server, which is going to flow through the Expressway appliances to the IM & Presence service. The Webex Messenger service supported client-to-client messaging, but that service is discontinued, as is Team Messaging Mode I believe. More details on this are available in the Planning Guide for Cisco Jabber. This is separate from media, it is a different application.

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