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Scott Hills
Cisco Employee

Requesting ideas for Jabber documentation not on

Hello, I'm a Customer Support Engineer in the Technical Assistance Center and I am looking for ideas on documentation you might think missing or lacking on Who better to ask than our customer base that utilize our documentation most often.

In this case I am requesting ideas for Jabber (Windows, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android).

The ideas could be in areas such as Troubleshooting or How to do a certain feature, also design is a possible area, and other ideas you may have.

Please reply back on this discussion with your ideas. I will most likely not respond unless I need more clarification on your idea. I'm not going to give that's a good idea or not a good idea. In this case I'm using this more to brainstorm what the customer base feels would be helpful and is not already present.

I appreciate your particiation in this endevor and look forward to your feedback.



Mark VandeVere


I'm glad to see someone taking the documentation of Jabber seriously. I don't think there's a specific document that needs to exist, as much as there are too many documents. CUPS intallation and configuration. Jabber server installation and configuration. Jabber install and conf for each client (that one makes a lot of sense, I get it), jabber environment configuration, etc. Combine them all and you've got a lot of documents, which if you read them all in the right order will make just about everything work the way you want it to. Trick is that there are missing elements in a lot of the documents, and those devils comprise the details that hamper a smooth deployment process.

So - I'd suggest consolidation of multiples where possible, into a single smooth workflow guide, making sure everything is lab tested and verified from start to finish.

Good luck!! Jabber rocks - it can just be a little skittish getting up and going on the front ent.


One of the things that continually trip people up is what each client is expecting for a certain feature. For example: J4W 9.2 is looking to the XML file for directory source information while J4M 8.6 is looking at the service profile. People are struggling to configure a given feature across all of the clients. Presently there are entirely separate guides for each client; it would be nice to have a quick-reference that shows the highlights organized by feature across all clients.

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