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UDP deskphone control


Good day to you all,

Most features of the Jabber for Windows (on prem) are working for us and I'm almost ready to deploy....however....

I'm overlooking something when configuring deskphone control. Deskphone control works fine as long as the specific user does not log in to the to be controlled desk phone (6921). Even when another UDP is logged in to the deskhone it works fine.



Jabber 9.1.0

Any ideas are most welcome!

Kind regards,

Kees Vis (network engineer)

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Is the UDP associated to that End User under Device Association? This is separate from the Extension Mobility section further down on the page.

Also, does the user have membership in the 'CTI ... connected conf and rollover' User Group?

If it's only this Device Profile, is there a mismatch with the model/protocol on this profile?

Also, be advised that in CUCM 8.6 the Device Profile association becomes a separate box from physical IP Phones. Keep this in mind when you upgrade as it may require manual intervention.

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Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, the UDP is associated to the user on the end-user config page in the "CTI controlled Device Profiles" section. For testing purposes I've added the end-user to all the CTI-groups.

Since the UDP has a phone type mismatch I will first try a new 6921 UDP profile.

No luck on this one. As soon as I login the 6921 UDP to the phone and try to control the phone with Jabber it is unable to get control. The control only fails when Jabber is trying to control the user specific UDP. Other UDP's or no UDP on the phone works...

When looking at the connection status of the Jabber client it seems Jabber is trying to control the CSF device when using deskphone control on a UDP logged in phone. With another UDP or no UDP it shows the mac of the 6921 phone and the line number.


The solution is as in many cases very simple. Just login the EM account prior logging in the Jabber account.

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