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WebEx Teams Hunt Group Login/Logout

I would like to bring up a discussion about WebEx Teams Hybrid Calling and Hunt Groups configured in CUCM.


Currently there is a limitation where a Spark Remote Device configured in CUCM cannot be removed, Logged Into or Logged Out, from a Hunt Group as you can with almost every other Cisco Based device. You would instead have to remove the DN from the Hunt Group altogether.


I am requesting to have the ability to, at the very least, manually remove a Spark Remote Device from a Hunt Group on CUCM in the device settings as similarly pictured for a Cisco CSF device.



Jaime Valencia
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You need to submit a PER via your SE/AM



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I suggest taking a look at Webex Teams + UCM Calling and consider transitioning the user to that instead of the Hybrid Calling architecture:

I have implemented the document you shared and this is what creates the Spark Remote Device in the CUCM environment.


The option highlighted above is after implementing this document and enabling the user via the WebEx Admin portal for calling with CUCM, Hybrid Calling, and this device is created in CUCM via Expressway.


What I was simply looking for is a way to remove this device from a Hunt Group when the user's primary line is associated to a Hunt Group. A workaround I found was to use a DN which is not the user's primary DN and associate it to the Hunt Group.

No, you followed the guide for Hybrid Calling which is not the same thing as Teams with UCM Calling (the document I linked to above). The Teams + UCM Calling approach uses the same CSF device type in CUCM that Jabber uses instead of the Spark RD. This would allow you to uncheck the Logged in to Hunt Group option.

Hey All,


In webex Teams I don't have a option to logout from Phone service once logged in.


How we can remove the webex Teams phone service configuration from Windows Laptop?

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