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What's the best eFax or foip solution?

I'm looking for an eFax or FoIP solution for my CUCM v10.5. From an Administrator standpoint, I'd like to get some opinions on what type of solution you're using and how easy is it to work with. Is it buggy? Is it easy to administer, or do you have to work out kinks regularly? Do the users like it? So far, I've checked out RightFax's on-premise fax server solution and XMedius's Cloud hybrid solution and can't make up my mind. I'm looking for some great feedback from those in the know before making a decision. Thanks in advance. -Beth

Cisco Employee

e-mail....just kidding. It really depends on your situation. I have demoed a few from the basic e-fax to my current company solution using Esker, and that is mostly due to the SAP integration.
Another option I really like is utilizing a virtual DID company for cloud based Fax to E-mail. For my European locations, I have virtual DID numbers from Voxbone for my customer Service. I also have a number of DID's at anywhere from $1 - $3 per month setup as fax to email numbers with unlimited inbound calls / faxes. The reason this works for me is they only require the ability to receive faxes, and do not need the ability to send. If you need an all in one, I would consider aligning it with your current solutions. CUCM is on prem, but what about email? If you have Office 365 and want the delivery to be Fax to E-mail, I would stay out of CUCM and consider a full cloud solution. If still exchange on-prem, it might be best to get an on prem solution, but that of course requires more hardware.

Hi Mike- thanks for the response. We are looking at using email as primary endpoints. I'm not up on all the jargon - what is SAP integration? -Beth

SAP is an enterprise resource planning software, completely not relevant to normal FoIP, but it was just to make a point that a solution differs based on the company requirements.

If you are looking at email delivery only, I would look for a cloud based only, especially if you are cloud email like Office 365 already.

Hi Beth,

We (CommSouth) are a third party solution provider offering many applications on top of Cisco solutions. Fax Over IP (FoIP) is one of our solution and we can address all your requirements. For more information, you can visit our website,

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Prasana Kumar.P
Head - Business Solution

I’ll offer an up-vote/recommendation for XMedius, either their cloud or on-premises solution. They have been my go-to fax server for a decade. You may also want to consider whether the MFPs you have on-site are supported by the fax server through a connector. This has a couple of advantages including eliminating FXS ports, giving centralized monitoring/archival/troubleshooting, and allowing users to slap a document on glass/ADF and faxing directly from their DID/identity instead of the shared number of the MFP.

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