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Dirk-Jan Uittenbogaard
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee





Lately I have received a few requests from people asking if it was possible to Archive a Webex Message
Space as in "download all messages".

You can download all messages using the messages API but that leaves you with a pile of unreadable JSON data.

Therefore I wrote a Python script that downloads space messages and turns it into an HTML file.
This is a single HTML file that looks just like the Webex Message client.​​​​​​​




  • Archive all messages in a space
  • Find space ID with built in search function
  • Deal with threaded messages
  • Download space images, files or both
  • All files are organized: \spacenamefolder with subfolders for \files, \images, \avatars
  • Export space data to JSON or TXT file
  • Restrict messages by number of messages or number of days
  • Display: messages grouped per month
  • Display: show full user names
  • Display: show (linked or downloaded) user avatars
  • Display: attached file-names + size
  • Display: "@mentions" in a different color
  • Display: quoted or formatted text
  • Display: external users in different color (users with other domain)
  • Display: images in popup when clicked
  • Print: just like it appears on the screen




Use case

Potential use-cases:

  • For regulatory reasons (export & store content)
  • Make the full contents of a space easier to read & search (in 1 single file) 
  • Share content & discussions with non Webex Message users or members
  • Sharing Q&A's


Code, Installation & Configuration

This is all explained on the Github page: see   


More projects

will be posted in the Webex Developer LinkedIn Group:  <--- don't forget to join!

Webex Developer Resource overview:

More tools: check out








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