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The UCCX (with Finesse, CUIC, SocialMiner) 12.0 Early Release Sandbox is here!!

Cisco Employee

Did a little birdie tell you that there is a UI refresh of the Finesse desktop in 12.0? Are you worried that the custom gadget(s) that you spent so many hours building will no longer work? Did you hear that there will be agent to agent chat in this release? Are you eager to get your hands on 12.0 to check out the new features? Well, wait no more! DevNet is proud to present you a 12.0 early release sandbox for you to play with.


The goal of this sandbox is:

  • for everyone to test out their existing custom gadget to make sure that it is still working. If it is not, please let us know by adding a comment in this blog so that we can iron out all of the issues before 12.0 officially releases.
  • to give everyone an opportunity to modify the CSS of their gadget to align to the UI refresh. Please refer to the visual design guide for the UI specifications.
  • seamlessly integrate your third-party chat and email into Finesse by using the new Finesse Digital Channel State Control and Finesse popover JavaScript APIs.
  • check out the new desktop chat feature.
  • for everyone to get comfortable with the new UI refresh.
  • for you to give us feedback so that we can improve 12.0!

So how does the new UI look like? Let me highlight some of the major desktop changes in 12.0.



The UI of the agent desktop now aligns with the recent CUIC UI refresh. Not much has changed except for the fact that there will no longer be the blue background.




Agent State, Tabs, and Outbound Calls

The agent state dropdown remains at the header, but in a clearer and bolder location. The horizontal tabs have been moved to a collapsible/pinable vertical tab where the icons and text can be customizable. The outbound call control and phone books have been moved to a dropdown button on the right hand side of the header. This allows the call control gadget to use less real estate space. 




 Inbound calls

The call control gadget for inbound calls hasn't change much other than the look and feel to align to the UI refresh. It remains under the header and contains the same fields and buttons as before. The call variable layout continues to be customizable via the Administrator console.




Team Performance Gadget

The team performance gadget didn't change too either. The look and feel has been updated to match the UI refresh.


The only noticeable change is that the recent call history and recent state history for the selected agent in the team will be available via the ... under "Actions" for that particular agent. When it is selected, the team performance gadget will refresh to only show the recent call history and recent state history for that selected agent. The back arrow needs to be pressed in order to go back to the list of agents for that team.




Third-Party Digital Channels

In 12.0, the Finesse agent desktop added a digital channel state control that is located in the header next to the agent state for voice. This allows third-party digital channels to seamlessly integrate into the desktop and give a better and cohesive user experience. Finesse provides JavaScript APIs to add digital channels to the agent desktop.


In addition to the digital channel state control, digital channels can now utilize the same popover feature that is used for voice calls. The popovers appear in the lower right hand side of the agent desktop and can display various information about the digital channel. This feature can be used by third-party digital channel integrations via the JavaScript APIs.


In this sandbox, a sample gadget (see image below) has been added to show these new features for the third-party digital channels. The sample code for this gadget is available to download.



Manage Chat and Email (For UCCX deployments)

The chat and email feature for UCCX utilizes the new digital channel features that were introduced in 12.0 (see above).


The agent state for chat and email is now located in the Finesse digital channel state control. It is no longer clunky or feeling like an after thought.


Agents will now be alerted to incoming chat and emails via the popover feature. This provides the agent with the same experience for both voice calls as well as chat and email. The popover will appear in the lower right corner of the agent desktop with the same information that was provided in the previous releases.


Not much has changed with the manage chat and email gadget itself. The buttons have been moved to the bottom and the look and feel now aligns to the UI refresh, but that is about it.




Visual Design Guide

Due to the UI refresh in 12.0, Finesse is providing a visual design guide so that custom gadgets can align the look and feel to match the style of the desktop. You can find download the visual design guide here.


Desktop Chat

It is finally here! Desktop Chat is now available via an integration with IM&P. Agents can message users in their directory, and create a contact list.


Individual chat windows will be located in the lower right hand corner of the desktop.




Whew, that was a lot, but remember that it is not the only new features that are coming in 12.0. For a full list of features, please take a look at the blog from Rajiv, the Finesse Product Manager. I hope you are excited to see this release for yourself. 


So, let's get started and reserve your very own UCCX/Finesse 12.0 early release DevNet sandbox today! And best of all, it is completely FREE!


Feedback or Issues 

Since this is an early release of 12.0, it is not guaranteed to be free of bugs. Therefore, if you run into any issues, please report it back to us so that these issues can be ironed out before the official release. You can report issues or provide any feedback in the comment section of Rajiv's blog


I really encourage everyone to reserve a sandbox and play around with it. Help us provide you with a better release by giving us feedback!







This is great contribution! Most important is that Workflow ability is added to other electronic channels (this was really missing in previous UCCX versions). Also it is nice to see that Chat betwen coworkers is again here (as it was available in CAD exe client) - if I am honest, I'd expect it few years ago.


Am I not seeing on these screenshots option to call-back from agent's call history list (in UCCX version 11.6 in Mozilla you had little icon Make Call in agent's Gadget "My History" list).


I am curious if Finesse workflow action of Type:HTTP Request & Handled By:Finesse Desktop will trigger really from Finesse client and not from Finesse server, as it is now on version 11.6. The name "Finesse Desktop" suggest client and not the server. The case is call integration to USD CRM desktop application, located on http://localhost:5000 (this will trigger from Finesse server to itself and thus wrong, since it does not work like "Handled by Finesse Desktop" option but as Handled by Finesse Server). As a workaround of this issue, "Type:Browser POP" option was needed to implement at our customer. Both behavior would be probably useful to some customers, but at least the name should change in newer version.


Following question is not related directly to Finesse but it is related to UCCX CUIC - I wonder if there is or will be a report on application (or CSQ also?) triggered by http triggers?


Thank you very much in advance for any comments/answers!


Cisco Employee



For the callback from the agent's call history, agents/supervisors can do callbacks from their own call history. The screenshot you see above is the supervisor viewing an agent's call history. From that view, you cannot do a callback.


This is the screenshot of the agent's own call history. When you click the telephone icon under "Make Call", the outbound call control will appear and the number will be pre-populated.

Untitled 4.png




Cisco Employee



For the Finesse workflow action of Type:HTTP Request & Handled By:Finesse Desktop, there has been no changes between 11.6 and 12.0, so the behavior will remain the same. When selecting Handled By: Finesse Desktop, the HTTP request will go via Shinding (the Finesse server). Another workaround to the issue would be to select Handled By:Other and handle the HTTP request in a custom gadget.






Regarding HTTP request action...


Browser Security policy blocks all HTTP requests send to servers other that server from which page was retrieved. So, all request needs to be sent thru Finesse server regardless of 'Handled by' field value.


Dariusz Pazdzior


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