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Greeshma Bernad
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee




    In a Cisco UCCX environment, the calls are stuck in queue for a long time. This document discusses how to troubleshoot this issue.



    • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.x/8.x


    Components Used


    • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.x/8.x




    A call remains in queue indefinitely and is not delivered to the available agents. This call appears in the Real Time Reporting tool. This occurs when there is a mismatch in Agent states and AvailableResourceList within the UCCX Engine.



    When the Engine attempts to allocate a resource who's state is mismatched, the following error appears in the logs:


    %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:Agent agent1.allocateRsrc(17482622)

    %MIVR-SS_RM-3-ERROR_ALLOCATING_RESOURCE:An error has occurred while allocating this resource: Module Name=RM component,A specific description for a trace=rsrc''s state is UNAVAILABLE


    Since the Engine assumes that it has already allocated a resource for this call, it will leave the call in queue indefinitely, regardless of agents becoming available to accept the call.




    This issue is documented by Cisco Bug ID CSCsw64328 (registered customers only). The only workaround is to restart the UCCX Engine.


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    Hello Greeshuma,

    I see you have not recieved any comments, so let me try.  UCCX 7.0 provided a capability to clear calls that are stuck in queue without restarting the engine.  In UCCX Administration:

         - Select Tools > RealTime Reporting

         - After the Java whirl, select Report > Contacts.  If your contact center is active, you will see many contacts

         - Locate and select the specific stuck contact by the Duration time.  It should be a long duration.

         - Select Tools > Clear Contact.  The contact will be cleared from the reporting system, only after affecting the average hold time report  adversly.

    So why does this happen?  In the early days, before 7.0, this was typically Cisco's fault and they worked to get it under control.  As of 7.0, calls stuck in queue are generally the script designers issue.  Calls that reach an agent are automatically dequeued by the system.  However queued calls that do not reach an agent are considered in queue by the reporting system.  Many times the script elects to send a long-delayed call to Voice Mail or to a UCD group.  In the script, when that decision is made, we must use a dequeue step to remove the call from queue before sending it elsewhere.

    So if you are gettng a lot of calls stuck in queue, you might visit your script and place some dequeue steps as appropriate.

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