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free Webex Teams (ex-Spark) client - overview


Cisco Webex Teams, apart from paid client, offers a  free  client that provide great services to any user.


What free Webex Teams client offers?

a) Team Messaging

You can create unlimited WebexTeams spaces for team collaboration (exchange messages, share files, etc). You can invite anyone by email (customers, partners or anyone you need to work with). If person does not have a Webex Teams account then he/she gets a welcome email to join Webex Teams. 

b)  Webex Teams Video Meetings up to 3 users

While you are in a Webex Teams space, you can easily select Call and start a Video meeting with rest of Webex Teams space members. (using camera/microphones from your device - PC/laptop/smartphones/tablets). A Webex Teams space created by a free Webex Teams client can support up to 3 video participants for Video Meeting.

c) use Webex Teams client to make/receive SIP calls

Each free Webex Teams client has SIP URI with format: and you can use it to place/receive SIP calls. You could use it to dial other SIP systems (endpoints or MCUs) over Internet (including SIP URI of Webex Meeting Center).


What is the difference from paid Webex Teams clients?

Find below a comparison matrix:
comparison of free vs paid Webex Teams client.PNG

So, as you can see, free WebexTeams client offers a lot of features so every user could easily experience value of Webex Teams services.  

Now, if you go for paid Webex Teams client then you get more benefits.  

Most important ones, in my view, are:

a) Host larger video meetings inside Webex Teams spaces that allow SIP video endpoints as guests

Paid Webex Teams client can host inside Webex Teams spaces, a meeting with 75 video participants or more (depends on subscription). In these meetings, SIP Video endpoints can participate as guests. 

b) Ability to lock room

With free client all members of the Webex Teams space can invite other people. 

With paid Webex Teams client you can control fully who is invited and other moderator functions.

c) Enterprise-level features

With free WebexTeams client, user functions as individual user.                                    

With paid Webex Teams client, you have more enterprise-level features. You could enable enterprise integrations (directory, exchange/outlook), enterprise-level authentication (SSO). You have analytics and metrics via Webex Control Hub. You could opt for more security features (mobile pin enforcement for example). You could even opt for more advanced features (ediscovery, compliance, DLP integration, Key server on premises, etc.). You could have Hybrid connectors - connect on premises Cisco UC(CUCM, BE6K) with Webex Teams. 



So, concluding, free WebexTeams client is fine to start experiencing Webex Teams services. But, when you are part of an organization, then it is better to have WebexTeams paid accounts that would bring you a lot of benefits. Still, your partners or customers or anyone that want to collaborate with, could stick to the free Webex Teams client. They don't need to purchase anything to participate in your Webex Teams spaces.



What is the best way to experience free Webex Teams client ?

Start using it :-)   Get your free Webex Teams client here !

After using free Webex Teams client, you can ask your Cisco partner for a trial of the full(paid) Webex Teams client to check extra features. 


please rate if  you find this helpful





DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides 


Are any of these free features changing with the new -also free- Cisco Webex Teams?

Cisco Employee

Hi Oscar,

apart from the ongoing addition of features in general, I am not aware of any changes specifically to free version.

But I am not from the Product team so we would need to monitor announcements and updates on this.



VIP Advisor

Isn't 75 now changed to 100. As per 33.3 if I remember right it has now changed to 100 and teams (i.e. spark) will apply towards that 100 limit

Cisco Employee

yes, the number of video endpoints has been increased to 100 (I think it went live for Webex meetings on July 30th- not sure for Webex Teams).


But note that for Webex Meetings  at least, actual maximum number might still depend on your old entitlement (so if you have MC-25 then your limit is 25 regardless of video or browser). 


Not sure if webex teams subscription have similar limitation or if all webex teams customers can today have today 100-participants in Webex Teams Meetings. 

This is the reason mentioned 75 or higher. 

But probably you are right , it is better to state the 100 number on my comparison matrix to reflect new enhancement (and this would probably apply to all or mostly all of webex  teams customers) 




Is Webex Teams Calling with on-prem CUCM available in the UK? 

Cisco Employee

I am sorry but I am not covering on this market.

Please contact your cisco channel account manager or cisco collab lead to clarify.


Sidenote : 

if you mean Hybrid Call Connect services (have Webex teams clients work as ''CUCM extensions'' and make PSTN calls) then this is most probably possible. 

But note that this is different that Webex Calling service (IPPBX on the cloud).


VIP Advisor

If you do hybrid call services using CUCM, the country is irrelevant. If you use calling in the cloud via Intelepeer or West or Thinktel then uk is an issue until Broadsoft changes the architecture.




Cisco Employee

We've recently run into Free clients that were moved to "Evaluation clients" that expired after 30 days. Was this a short term practice that we have now discontinued? Please confirm.

Cisco Employee

hi, are you referring to Webex Teams account or to Webex Meetings account? 

I am not aware of having 30-days Webex Teams free accounts.  


Is the free SIP URI still supposed to work?

After mainly calling OUT from WebexTeams to external SIP-URIs, which mostly work (see below) I tried to call in. No good.


Trying to reach my Account via from ONSIP.COM gets me a unavailable!

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

hi Harald,


so calling from free Webex Teams client works but accepting calls (coming from does not work?

In that case, I would suggest to check incoming calls from other SIP entities (other standards-based SIP systems from Cisco or other vendor over internet) apart from If others work then it is a compatibility issue between Webex Teams and


My experience and expectation is that both incoming and outgoing calls are expected to work. I find it extremely unlikely that Webex Teams blocks incoming calls and allows only outgoing calls.





Thanks for replying.

Neither way works for me.

Further tests revealed that ONSIP -> works as does -> Onsip so I assume both of my SIP accounts to be OK for external calls.

BUT neither WebexTeams <-> Onsip nor WebexTeams <-> works, whatever direction.


the only thing really working for currently is call out from WebexTeams to wellknown test numbers for example works but has strange audio dropouts every other second... works perfect as does


Maybe WebexTeams did change my SIP Address without notifying me.....

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