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Integration of UCCX with Social Miner (Chat)


Integration of UCCX with Social Miner enables uccx agents to handle the chat request from customer.


Topics covered:

Configuration in UCCX

  1. Create Skill

  2. Assign Skill to Agent

  3. Create a Chat_CSQ

  4. Social Miner Configuration

  5. Chat System Parameter

  6. Chat Widget List

  7. Team

Configuration in Social Miner

  1. Chat feed

  2. Campaign

  3. Notification

Login in UCCX WeChat

  1. Web chat Page Load

  2. Agent Login

  3. Agent Accepting chat request

Customer Chat webpage

  1. Loading chat webpage

  2. Chat initiation by customer

Create Skill

Logge din to the appadmin page of uccx.

  1. Go to subsystem-->rmrcm-->skill

  2. Click add new and enter the skill name

  3. Click Save

Create a Chat_CSQ

  1. Go to subsystemchatChat contact service Queue

  2. Clicks add new button .Enter the CSQ name and Click Next.

  3. Select the skill and click add

  4. Set the minimum competency as required.

  5. Click save.

Social Miner Configuration

  1. Go to subsystemchatSocial Miner Configuration

  2. Enter the social miner host name/IP, user name and password you used to logged in to the admin page of social miner.

  3. Keep other values by default.

  4. Click Save.

  5. You can see all status of thesocial miner green.

Chat System Parameter

  1. Go to subsystemchatchat system parameter.

  2. No changes are required, keep the default value.

Chat Widget List

  1. Go to subsystemchat Chat Widget List

  2. Click add

  3. Enter the webform name.

  4. Select the field you want to be appeared in the web form and moved under Selected fields column.

  5. Click next.

  6. Add the problem statement and the corresponding CSQ name which will handle those.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Webform review page will come. Click finish.

  9. XML code will appear, copy that code to a text document and save that document as html.111

  10. In UCCX page click done .


  1. Go to subsystemchatteam

  2. Enter the Team name , select the supervisors, resources and csq for the team.

  3. Click Save.


NOTE: Load Cisco Unified UCCX Serviceability Page.

            Go to ToolàContact Center Network Services. Make sure the Chat subsystem is In Service.


Configuration in Social Miner

Logged into the Social Miner using administrator and password you set during the installation.

Chat feed

  1. GotoConfiguration

  2. CCX Chat Feed is automatically added under feed


  1. CCX Chat Campaign is automatically added under Campaign


  1. GotoConfiguration

  2. CCX Chat Notification is automatically added under notification.

Loading Web chat webpage

  1. Load the below URL which will be used by uccx agent to accept chat request.

https://<fullyqulified host name> /agentdesktop/

  1. Logged in using agent ID and password.77

  2. Agent will show not_ready state after logged in.99

  3. Change the status to ready state, so that agent will able to accept the chat request.

Customer Chat webpage

  1. Double click the html page you created during Chat Widget List earlier and load the page.w

  2. Enter the customer details and clicks submit.

  3. As soon as the customer click submit button , chat request will pop up in agent web-page.

  4. Agent will click on Accept button and all details will reflect on left side of the webpage.f



Hope this document will help you.





Hi Reena


Nice your post.


BTW, do you know where to report on chat that shows a transcript detail? I mean historical report that shows a chat transcript detail?


- Alex


Hi Reena,

I am also experiencing issues with chat gadget;

Could you possibly help me here on my this post;





Did you find where the chat history is?

Terry Cheema

Nice one (+5)


Richard Simmons

Hi Reena,

This is a great guide - thanks for posting it.

I'm looking at deploying SocialMiner + UCCX with WebChat, do you know if the SocialMiner server needs to be in the DMZ? I'm trying to find a design guide to see where the server should be placed (LAN or DMZ) as the chat gadget will be on a Internet Hosted website.

From your guide it looks like i'll need to open ports on the firewall to connect to the UCCX server?



Ahmed Adeyemi
Hello Reena, I am doing this in CCX 11 and the problem is when i am going to the nonVoice gadget and trying to change my state, its not letting me. I am not able to select the drop down for the chat function. Please can you assist?

Bodbol Lyon.... did you ever resolve this? I have the same issue... when I click the gadget I cannot change the state.
Ahmed Adeyemi

Yes, i was able to resolve this by uploading all the certs within each component as tomcat trust. Once you upload the certs, you then have to restart tomcat on all the servers you upload them to. (CCX, Social-Miner, and Media Sense).


Thanks so much for replying, that's the direction I was headed and I'm in the process of doing the certs right now...


Remarkable guide! Thank you! Can you post a guide on how to create e-mail monitoring in SocialMiner; I would think it would be simpler since it's just setting up to monitor an IMAP mailbox; no customer facing chat URL; none of that?

Thank you

Luis Candia
Community Member

Hi Reena

I need to generate the gadgets for Facebook and Twitter in the Finesse.

Do you know how I can do that?

Thank you.


Hi Reena


Have done the integration but when we click on the chat option in finesse get error chat server not configured, do we also need to have IMP configured

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