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Agent Capacity Sizing

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I'm working with a client to try and help them determine how many agents they need in order to meet their Service Level.  I've been working with an Erlang calculator to try and come up with a more accurate number, but I've come across a few questions. 


1. What is the best way to determine Incoming Contacts for a particular line of business?  I understand from my reading of the Design Guide that it should be based on BHCA.  My client is using 15 minute intervals and the calculator I'm using allows for that period of time, however I'm struggling with the best way to determine that number.  The best guess I've made so far is to use the Call_Type_Interval table and look for the interval with the largest number of Calls Offered for each Call Type. 

2. How do the results attained from the Erlang Calculator work for agents that are cross-trained?  For example, say I have 3 different Precision Queues with varying Service Levels and Average Handle Times.  If some of the agents are able to take calls from a few/all of the 3 Precision Queues how do we plan accordingly as we would have the same agent available in multiple queues but not focused on one queue. 


I would greatly appreciate any help.  Thanks.

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I wanted to follow up on this and see if anyone had any thoughts?  I'd appreciate any feedback anyone might have.  Thanks in advance.  

It sounds like you're on the right track looking at the volume, but ultimately it is a case of do you account for the worst or best case scenario, right? So call type A and B have separate volumes. If they both get their highest call period at the same time, then you'd need more people, vs. if it is the opposite and A's peak is when B is slow and vice versa, that's a different story.

You could also look at the skill group/Precision Queue/Peripheral overall and see what a combined view would look like vs. individual call types.

Keep in mind, this is where other companies like Calabrio WFM and others that sell products to do just this, so depending on what you're trying to do, you may want to look at their offerings.