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Allow user enter extension number in the menu element

We are using call studio 10.5, and our client want to do something like this:

IVR play the main menu:

"If you want to do option1, press 1; if you want to do option2; press 2; if you know the extension number of the agent, please dial it now"

What will be the best way to approach this?

Currently what I thinking is not using Option_Menu, just using Digit element + Decision, but the bad thing is if user didn't press the pound key for the normal option, they need to wait to go to next element.

Another way I think is call comes in, and ask the user to enter the extension first, and if IVR didn't get any input, then perform to normal menu, but seems like they don't like this way..

So what else solution that I can approach this?

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Re: Allow user enter extension number in the menu element

You could use a Digits element and set MinDigits to 1 (allowing 1 dtmf)

and MaxDigits to 4 (or whatever length the ext is).

You should also set the interdigittimeout to something like 2s (2

seconds) by going into the Settings tab and configuring

VoiceXML Property Name: interdigittimeout Value: 2s

(Cisco's default interdigittimeout is 10 seconds when using VXMLServer)


Re: Allow user enter extension number in the menu element

I just think about this and realize it might causing issue..

Since the interdigittimeout not working properly on my side (it seems..) and if user press 1 for menu, and need to wait more than 2s, and he/she enter 1 again.. it will go to extension part, not menu part...

I think only way to make it nice is make it two part? One for extension, then if user didn't do anything, then go to menu?

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