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ANI on Warm Transfer - UCCE

I am looking for a solution where the Original Party ANI is passed on to the transferred party. The scenario is as below


1. Calls comes in from the PSTN (Customer 1) - CUBE - CVP - ICM - CVP - CUCM - Agent 

2. Agent decides to do a warm transfer to the PSTN (Vendor)

3. PSTN (Vendor) user gets the Agents Number as the caller ID. We would want to see if the Original Customers number can be sent out as the caller ID to the Vendor.


We tried playing with Outbound Redirecting number but it did not help. Trying to use the CVP SIP Header to see if it works.


Anyone help would be appreciated







Re: ANI on Warm Transfer - UCCE

For a warm transfer from the agent DN son CUCM, I believe the call path between you and the vendor is going to need support for Connected Party Information for this to happen. You can ask your carrier if they support this, either as a chargeable feature or if they will pass it through to the far-end by default. A TLS-protected SIP Trunk from CUBE via the internet would be another option.


The problem here will be that the consult leg from CUCM to CUBE will not include the original calling party info, depriving you of “fixing” this with a SIP Profile by overwriting/copying the value.


A very long shot idea might be a TCL script using the Session ID header to lookup the original calling info since that header _should_ be the same as the original call leg, but this is pretty advanced. TCL also has a meaningful impact on CUBE sizing.


Re: ANI on Warm Transfer - UCCE

Thanks Jonathan! I will check with the provider to see if they would support the connected party information.


On the warm transfer, the cucm does send the remote-party-id and p-asserted id to the cube however it does not do that on the first invite. It does it as an update. Trying to see of there is a way that cucm can send the remote-party-id on the first invite when the warm transfer is made.




Re: ANI on Warm Transfer - UCCE

CUCM will do what you’re asking for a proper cold/blind/direct transfer. For a warm/consult transfer the calling party information during the consult step is the CUCM DN, not the original calling party. I’m not aware of a setting to cleanly accomplish what you want out of the box.

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