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Broadcast calls rather than LAA to a skill group within ICM script?

Voiceops SSC
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Level 1

   We have the need to create an ICM script/queue in which calls in queue are broadcast to the agents (much like in a line group distribution algorithm in CUCM) rather than distributed by longest available, top down, etc. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

- Mike M           

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Gergely Szabo
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


you mean broadcast like sending the call to multiple agents at the same moment?

Why would you do that?


Correct. These calls are for a 'helpdesk' queue, technicians as opposed to actual call center agents. Currently, they are set up in a hunt group in CUCM in a broadcast algorithm...all available helpdesk techs' phones ring when a call comes into the hunt group. We need to move them over to an ICM flow in order to do some call reporting in CUIC but we need to have all of their phones ring when a call comes in.

Well, I am not aware of any standard technique of doing this in ICM, and to be honest with you, I don't see the benefit of having a contact center for such a "broadcast routing" solution, either.


Gergely is correct (not sure why low rating) +5 for Gergely for correct answer. No ACD has been designed to ring multiple agents at the same time as that goes against what Automatic Call Distribution stands for. 

One option would be to route calls via ICM, but then send the call back to CUCM broadcast hunt group, this way you will at least get overall reporting on call_types without agent reporting.



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Level 6

Did you ever get a solution to this as we have a customer also insisting on the same workings