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Call Studio 10.5 Migration Error

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We exported our Call Studio 8.5 Project and imported it to 10.5 version. On the first try, all XML formats changed (standalone tag added etc.), an example of an XML file of an element is below. We built the Project with no errors but on the validation step, we noticed that some menu elements were missing setting values and some audio elements were missing audio links. When the errors were corrected and saved, the settings disappeared as soon as we rebuilt the Project. So we did the migration process again and the XML files stayed the same as the 8.5 version. Has anybody encountered this error / bug?

Thanks in advance.

XML file that's supposed to belong to an audio element :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

<voice_element id="Element@21168641:1323768213518" name="TTS_Audio_Assurance" version="6.0.1">



<audio_group barge_in="true" count="1" name="initial_audio_group">

<audio_item name="audio item 1" type="static">


<audio_item_config view_id="default">

<static default_audio_path="true" uri=""><![CDATA[{Data.Session.PolicyProductName}]]></static>







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When a new element is added , sometimes you get a null pointer exception error. If you delete the element that got the exception and exit without saving, nothing happens. If you delete that element and save the callflow, all xml file formats get changed and some elements start to have missing values. Thiş causes errors in the Project, and we think it's a bug.

Hello Isil,

You could be hitting into this Defect. CSCus84362



Hi Senthil

This is a different bug, we also encountered the one you mentioned but it's after deployment to the server. This one is happening in Call Studio.