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Capturing Alphanumeric DTMF

Chintan Gajjar

Hi Team,

I am looking for a way to capture alphanumeric characters (41AB1234) in DTMF without having ASR solution.

I thought a solution like for Character 'A' customer could enter *21 and for B customer could enter *22 like wise from their DTMF keypad.

but again this looks very cumbersome to me and it must be followed by big announcement.

Any other idea experts hold in their mind?



Rising star
Rising star

If there are only certain positions that are alpha, then that might it


For the alpha's, you can have people enter it like they did when texting

before smart-phones.

For example,

press the 2 key once for A, twice for B, 3 times for C.

press the 3 key once for D, twice for E, 3 times for F.


It's also cumbersome, but most people have done that in the past, so

it's somewhat familiar.


The most common one is pressing 3 once for D, twice for E and thrice for F. It is little cumbersome and can work for some type of solutions. Depending on what the scenario is there may be some workarounds.

Are you looking for user to enter something and match against data. In that case you can build some intelligence in and make it less tedious.



My recommendation (and I am sure this sounds a little unhelpful and likely you have already reviewed it), is to avoid this approach if at all possible.

As you above states, it is possible technically but it offers pretty poor user experience.

If you can switch or review design by using numerically only etc. is by far the better solution.

Of course this might not be feasible in your scenario.

Example Problem: Account ID is alphanumeric

Solution : Have a Phone Registration ID which is numerically.

The phone registration ID would have a one to one relationship to the account ID and CVP could do a DB lookup to find out the alphanumeric account ID if it was necessary.


Chintan Gajjar

Thanks for the great comment Team.

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