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Cisco EIM - Pending Emails

Matthew Martin

Hey All,

I am doing some Database stuff on EIM and was curious about the Data for "NO_ACTIVITIES_PENDING_EMAIL".

Are these considered to be emails that are still sitting in the queue or are they emails currently pending being sent, etc...?

The table with this Data can be found in:

     Database:  "eGActiveDB.dbo"

            Table:  "EGPL_MON_QUEUE_DATA"


Any ideas what exactly is considered "pending"?



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Gaurav Thakur

This table is used by base for monitors used in supervisor console.

We populate data for each queue in EGPL_MON_QUEUE_DATA using egpl_mon_f_getrs_queue_data sp, Right now we populate only email,chat and task type of activities through this sp.

You want to go through the SP to understand what data is populated in that column.

Hope this helps...

Happy Holidays...



Hey GT, thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the delay, but with the Holidays I wasn't around my PC too often, and when I did try to respond the one day last week, the Community Forum was down for maintenance...

But anyway, thanks again for the reply. I know there is also Emails "IN_PROG" (*i.e. In-Progress), which I think would be when an Agent is in the process of replying/composing an email. Then there's "NOT_ST" (*i.e. Not Started yet), so I was assuming Pending had to be somewhere inbetween those 2 stages..? Also, does "SP" just stand for "Supervisor"?

I was looking through the PDF I found on Cisco's site for "Cisco Unified Web and E-Mail Interaction Manager Supervisor’s Guide" for release 4.3(1), and found a section that had the following:

"Email - Assigned but pending: Number of email activities assigned to the group, but on which work is pending (status as assigned; substatus as pending)."

So I'm thinking an email is considered "PENDING" when an Agent has been assigned an email, but has not started work on it yet... Does it have to be assigned to a "group" or can it be an email also assigned directly to an Agent, because the only reference to "Pending" was in that PDF under the section called: "User Group Attributes".

Thanks again for the reply, much appreciated!

Thanks Again,


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