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Recording prompts in 10 languages (UCCX)

Piyush Verma


we need to record prompts in 10 different languages (in UCCX) and saving them appropriately in their respective locale. whats the best approach of scripting to handle this. Shall there be a menu in place (to record english prompts, press 1) and then set the language "en". Whats the better way to manage prompts (I mean a number 1111.wav etc)


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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Sounds to me like you have the best approach.

Create all of your language folders in the repositories first, then create a prompt management script to manage them.  Using numbers is my preferred method.  Oh, and you can drop the file extension in the script to save four bytes everytime you reference a prompt.

E.g., P[5000] vs P[5000.wav]


If no extension is provided, the system searches for files with the following extensions: .wav, .ssml, .tts, and .tpl (in that order).

Source: Getting Started With Scripts

And keep all of the numbers the same between languages.  This way, a Play Prompt step need not be tailored to each language.

Seriously, I think you have the best approach.  Do you need anything specific to get started?

Anthony Holloway

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Hi Anthony,

Appreciate your reply. I tried to create a test script for recording the prompt. Test script (PromptRecorder.aef) is attached in my above post.

Upload prompt step has a specific language field, therefore I used SWITCH step for different languages.

Will it be possible for you to have a quick look on this script and advise if this makes sense considering the multiple languages being used in this case.

Thanks in advance !

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