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CISCO FInesse Calls Handled vs Calls presented


The team summary report on CISCO Finesse with a supervisor login is showing more calls handled than offered can someone put this into simple terms why? and how to resolve? this is also affecting the stats on an agents login I currently have an agent showing as offered 47 calls presented 140 calls handled.

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The tag they applied to the post shows it's for UCCX.

I have a blind spot for the tags on post, thanks!

No worries. A while back it was worse, because it would show as: "Cisco Unified Contact Center E..."

And I was always like: "Oh come on!"

That's hilarious!

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
I don't know, I tried all kinds of things to make this happen: transfers, conferences, ring no answer, direct non ACD, etc. No matter what, the handled was never incremented without the offered incremented too. You might have a bug on your hands. I searched the bug search for you, but nothing showed up for me. I'd recommend a TAC case.

Excuse my ignorance but what is a TAC case? I am very new to this thanks for your responses

TAC is Cisco's support team. They can identify if you're running into a bug and get you a fix.



Thanks I will raise a TAC but need to get the contract info from the powers that be

So I cannot raise a TAC case as my organisation uses a 3rd party called Bloc but still having this issue but it only seems to happen on one of the call queues

Can you open a support ticket with Bloc then? Usually, if you purchase through a reseller, and they make you open tickets with them, they themselves will open the TAC case in the background.

How old is your system? What version? Can you delete and recreate the problematic components? What about renaming them slightly?
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