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In UCCX, when creating an outbound IVR script, is it possible to read a value from the contact file into a variable in the script?   For example, if I wanted to read the account number associated with the contact and perform a lookup based on that ac...

Resolved! UCCE ECE Variables

Trying to find out if theres a way to see how much of the allocated memory each variable is actually using. Problem is I'm coming into an environment where I do not know exactly what each one is being used for and we are running low on memory availab...

Dears, I have a small question here, are call variables ,like get digits for example , stored somewhere at the UCCX database ?? Or they get wiped once the call ends ?? Regards,

I've set up a gateway to use a vvb which points to cvp. We have other sites, locations using the same setup and cvp  On the gw I receive, as part of the ccsip message 302 error. any pointers?  The inbound call hits the gw, is then translated to inser...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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Hello , Kindly I accidentally Deleted Script from UCCE and I need it urgently so where i can find the default path of the repository for Scripts and where i can find the deleted items and I need to know the path to recover it  waiting for your feedba...

cse_osama by Beginner
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I have what I hope are two really easy questions for UCCX 11.X CUIC dashboards that I am creating for a customer. Is there a way I can display a count of all calls in all queues in real time?   I can display a count of calls in each CSQ separately, b...

I am building a UCCX script (11.6.2) which has the called enter an account code, performs a DB lookup for a contact phone number, and then places an outbound call to that external phone number. I can see on my CUCM RTMT call logs that the outbound ca...

Hi everyone. I hope you are well.   I´m checkin if exists someway to monitoring the finesse Services. I tried to do with RTMT, but is not clear for me. could you help me?   Regards.

LCMC by Beginner
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