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Cisco UCCE migration from LAN setup to WAN over L3 MPLS

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I have a UCCE V12 setup over the LAN and now I need to move side B to another Data Center where redundancy will be over the WAN.

The WAN connectivity is L3 MPLS, so IP addresses will have to change for Both Private and Public Networks.

Can anyone please Advise on a well know process to do so ?? and is it possible to have our private network in 2 different VLANs on side A and Side B or we have to set a separate WAN connectivity for Private network where we extend a L2 VLAN between both sites for this Private Network.


Appreciate your Kind feedback



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Chris Deren
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First of all you will need to go through Cisco's AQ2 process to have this approved as Cisco BU will validate you approach.  Only a UCCE ATP partner can initiate the process.  Second of all you still require 2 distinctive network connections, so a single MPLS connection would not fulfill this requirement, you would need another connection between the data centers.   As par as the re-IPing goes there is a lot that goes into it and assuming you are not re-hosting anything you need to identify how things point to each other, via IP or hostname.  You need to read through documentation for each component on how to re-IP it, i.e. CVP, ICM components, CUIC, CUCM, gateways, VVB/VXML GW, etc.  My advise would be to engage an authorized partner and to ensure you follow Cisco's approved process.

Hi Chris,


Thank you for your clear Reply on this matter. Yes, we are authorized ATP Partners for UCCE and we went through the process you suggest and after lots of documentation readings we can to the conclusion that L3 MPLS is supported, however the Private network should run over a Separate WAN connection. So Public network should run a WAN connection and Private network should Run on another WAN connection. 


Now for the Re-IPing the servers, Cisco don't have any clear document that guide you through it, and donno here if you can guide me more throughout this step.


to note as well that the Web setup on AWs and Roggers, and the PG setup on PGs was done using IP addresses and not hostnames, and therefore we would need to rerun these setups on both sides after we change the ip addresses.


Now as for the process of moving the ESXi Host where PG, Rogger, AW, CVP, and CVP Reporting is installed, i am going to turn each virtual machine alone and make sure proper failover is complete before proceeding with the second and so on. and same approach for when i need to turn them on and re address them at the DR site ( taking into consideration the Windows route add for the private network).


at the end, appreciate if you have any recommendation or document that describe the re IPing of CCE windows components and how to turn them off then on by order.


Kind regards,