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CISCO Webview Reports - Not Ready Status Summary


Apologies is this is not the right place to post this question, it's my first post but I am struggling to find help with CISCO Webview reporting.

We have introduced Not Ready Codes in our Contact Centre recently and although I can view NR breakdown by agent easily I am having issues finding the data for the whole centre or for a team where the data is summarised by NR status.

Exporting to excel to sort changes the percentages and exporting to html is not in a friendly format for sub-totalling and aclculating overall % er NR code.

Do you know of a report that summarises Not Ready by status or have any other ideas on how I can do this?




With webView it is very common to need to develop custom reports, this may require a professional services engagement if you not familiar with the process. "InfoMaker" is the tool you would use to extend a webView report or create a custom one from scratch.

Try reading this.

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Thank you Mark, I'll have a read and look into Info-Maker. It's good to know it's not just me that finds the WebView reports limited in some areas.




teams or the whole call center might not be the best approach when running queries against agent tables, in other words, if some information is tied to an entity (in this case, the agent) and this entity may be associated/disassociated freely with a different entity (team), then if entity relationship changes, you may experience issues. Pretend, agents A and B and C are members of team T, so when you create a report on team T, it actually calculates and summarizes the information of agents A, B and C. Now, if for some reason agent C is moved to a different team and you run the report again, it would show you different numbers, since the calculations would contain only agent A's and B's information.

The situation may got even worse if you move agent D in to team T.

To shed some light on the internals: Not Ready summary times are calculated using information available in Agent_Event_Detail or Agent_State_Trace tables - the latter actually contains skill group information, too, so you can create skill group (but not team!) based summaries, the former contains only timestamps and relevant events (for instance, an agent logs in, goes into Available state or logs out - all these actions are events).

Infomaker is fine (good luck getting the correct version from your Sybase representative ;-) ), but if you really want to break free and create simpler or more sophisticated reporting, you may want to explore other possibilities, like creating custom reporting with Crystal Reports or Cognos etc, or, talk to a company who could provide you with a complete solution. As I represent such a company, please drop me a private message if you are interested.



Gergely & Catherine,

        Yes you could always mine data out of the DB your self or with a reporting tool, but we need to do is make sure the customer has a tool that is easily understood and useable. This is why WebView exist, now that being said no tool is perfect but fortunately webView is A EoL Eos, and B using sybase tools you can extend it. Customers need a comprehensive tool set the everyone can use, webView was lacking some key features and it was dependent on sybase and mswindows, big flaws in my opinion. But a new option is available, Cisco Unified Intelligence Center, CUIC has a lot of the familiar webView reports but more importantly a strong web based report design studio built in. I have been using CUIC for over one year now and it not only provides a great tool set to the business but solves the problem of custom contact center reporting in a user friendly package. It leverages Open Social gadgets so you can place reports, graphs, and gauges on external web pages, custom dashboards, ect... The solution sits atop the Cisco Unifies OS (hardened Linux appliance) which provides a great amount of reliability and stability. I have 1,200+ PBH agents + contact center operational staff all using CUIC in a 24x7x365 contact center, they all use one CUIC server, just to give you an idea of the load a single box can sustain. Plus you can add additional external SQL or informix DB's and write definitions and generate reports for other things, for example if you wanted to report against a CRM DB and ICM HDS simultaneously and do advanced data correlation .

      I conclusion if you need a comprehensive tool that every body can use, stick to the branded tools. If you want to venture out on your own and build a new reporting toolset you can but understand all the implications, support, usability, availability , and reliability.

      I know quite a few resources that could extend a webView report for you, and even more that could teach, coach, and develop elaborate CUIC reports for you. I suggest you talk to your Cisco rep or VAR and explore all your options.

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