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Hi All,

We are migrating to CVP 11.6 VVB, we are configuring vxml property within the application, in our current cvp 9.0 environment when we set the above tts vxml property the tts request is sent to appropriate tts server. However in cvp 11.6 when we set the tts server in the application using the above vxml property the tts request not sent the tts server that is set in the application.

As per the cvp 11.6 documents the above tts vxml property setting is appropriate and can be used in cvp 11.6.

Did anyone use the tts vxml property to set the tts server in the application in cvp 11.6 VVB ? Any suggestions  much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

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I just tried it on my 11.6 and it seems to work, however I used rtsp:// (ie, using the Nuance IP address, instead of en-us-tts)

But, I've installed patch 81 on the VVB to fix some vvb errors (however, patch 81 has a bug where you'll no longer receive notification of missing audio files)


Cisco VVB 11.6(1)ES81 - addresses many ASR and TTS problems. But as I mentioned previously, you'll no longer get notified of missing audio files if you install it. So, if you need the missing audio file notifications, you may want to wait for the next patch.

Bug ID    Description
CSCvh14283    VVB VRU Type 7 allows only 1 one simultaneous call
CSCvh58531    Call drops after no-input is detected while prompting caller, if secure_logging is
CSCvi25666    fetchaudio media file is not getting cleared from the PromptPlayer
CSCvi43753    VXML session is not getting released completely
CSCvh78069    UTF-8 character encoding support for ASR/TTS
CSCvi43768    Fetchaudio timer does not start from the element where it is configured
CSCvf57695    VVB - ASR - VVB not executing javascript correctly
CSCvh77891    VVB - ASR - SWI parameter not being  passed to VXML Server
CSCvj06516    Record Utterance feature needed in VVB
CSCvj06335    Record Utterance not getting deleted from temp folder
CSCvj52882    Alternative Text Not Processed when Wav File Not Found
Cisco VVB 11.6(1)ES22
CSCvg44744    VVB does not work when prompts are long
***CSCvf30722    TTS multi language support.
CSCvf77507    VVB - Asterisk character in Menu elements causes call failure
***CSCvf81260    TTS audio node configured with SSML tags that contains value less than 4 chars
                      is not supported
CSCvf71615    VVB Drops call on caller hang up during Record Element
CSCvg22986    Fix for looping with unavailable ASR servers
***CSCvg09350    Voice quality issue on audio that Cisco VVB receives from Nuance TTS

Hi Janine,

We have installed VVB ES81 patch.

We are using MRCPV2, so we are using the syntax sip:<tts-hostname>@<TTS IP Address> is the syntax correct?
Currently even though when we configure a wrong ttshotname and ipaddress still the tts request works.

Thanks in Advance

This always worked since 11.5 and nothing to do with ES81. But I believe alternative text for a prompt had an issue in ES80.


"" can be set to sip:tts@hostname

Continuing with the above example:

1. Add TTS server (use hostname instead of IP)

2. Add dns entry for hostname should be added through CLI.



Hi, using VVB 12 w CVP 11.6 and not having any luck with the sip:asr@host approach to flip between asr/tts devices on an application by application basis.  Using the root doc properties:  Anyone else have luck or different instructions then above notes?  Thanks

Hi !

No, at this moment you cannot change(override) VVB tts/asr-server via VXML Property, like for IOS VB. It's looking like the programmer didn't give us this option by design.

I add Piyush, may be him add something new.