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contact center script menu on hold music


I have a script that is working. I have a menu and they want a music on hold to play while the menu goes through its retry. How do I get music on hold in between the retries?

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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

This doesn't make sense as you've described it. Can you provide an example to illustrate what you want the caller to hear?

They want to hear a prompt and after the prompt plays be able to input a digit to be routed to vm. If they dont input a digit the run the prompt two more times and then go to vm. They want hold music in between the prompts. I am running the menu prompt in the script but it gives out silence in between prompts.

This is not possible and is a bad idea anyway. Callers pretty much universally know that silence means they should be doing something. If you give them MoH many will interpret that as they missed their chance to enter the value.

Ryan Mullins

Typically you can do this with a container prompt.  Just use the Create Container Prompt to add both the Menu promt and the MOH loop together into a single prompt.  Then for your menu step, use the container prompt instead of the normal Menu prompt.

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