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CUIC report definitions for dummies?

Dale Davis

I am administrator for UCCE with CUIC version 8.0(4). The system was installed by a 3rd party vendor (Insight) and custom reports were ceated for one of the teams in the system. This team is now under new management and includes a QA manager that has many questions concerning the exact meaning of report parameters. The extent of my knowledge of CUIC reporting has come from a couple of youtube videos by Ed Villarreal. I am looking for information about the report fields such as % Work (Fo00001) from an agent productivity report. Some of the values in the report are very large numbers such as 1,874,900.00%. Another report field that is unclear to me is the SL (service level) report. I know that it can be calculated many different ways and must know the calculation for it to have any useable meaning.

I opened a TAC case with Cisco to see if I could get more information and was informed that they do not support custom reports and to go to to reach the Dev NET team and that brought me here. Is there a good resource for learning how to discern report definition formulas and calculations in CUIC starting at a beginner's level?

Thanks in advance.


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Jameson Gagnepain
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Rising star


Your "1,874,900.00%" value is likely a miscalculation... probably in a summary row that is doing a summary instead of an average.

Good resources for understanding Cisco reporting are the "UCCE Reporting Guide" and the "UCCE Database Schema". Search Google for them in your version number. It is very helpful to have an understanding of SQL if you ever modify any Report Definitions - all UCCE reporting runs on SQL queries. If you have trouble finding your answers in the two documents mentioned, I'd be glad to provide more help to you if you let me know all of the specific fields you're in the dark about.


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