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CVP Voice Elements

Keith Pretti
Level 1
Level 1

Does anyone have an example of using a Voice Form and storing the responses from a caller for playback to an agent at a later time? We are moving to Cisco using CVP and Call Studio and have a need to replace the current forms that take in caller responses for agents to listen to and transcribe. I have never done one before. Any push in the right direction would be great. Thanks!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


What I understand from your query is , there is a need for an element which records all the voice communication between Caller and IVR for a particular session for each elements.

In that case there is no such element, but if you want to know whats the response for a particular element that can be fetched from the activity logs.

If you can explain little more in detail that would be helpful.




We are moving to a Cisco UCCE platform and using CVP Studio. Currently our customers and call into a number, can be asked a series of Questions, name, birth date etc and that info can be saved for access and play back later by an agent. I have no idea if and how that can be reproduced in the Cisco environment. I have done voice menu programs in Call Studio only so I am sure it can do this, just not sure how.



You can probably use the Studio Record element to collect the caller's

input (but it won't save the outgoing prompt played to the caller).

You can ask a question as the initial prompt of the Record element and

then have the caller reply and you'll capture their recording.

You can name the recording using variables, so you could use an ANI or

any other Identifiers (like account number, date or time, etc).

For example,

Element1: "please record your name then press pound".... Save the

recording as Name-{CallData.ANI}.wav

Element2: "please record your date of birth then press pound". Save the

recording as Dob-{CallData.ANI}.wav


Then save the recordings into some subdirectory of the media server

(en-us/app/recordings) or ftp them using the FTP Client element).

You may want to save the location or URI to retrieve and play those

recordings into a DB so your agent can call in and enter a caller's

phone number, use a DB element in the Studio app to look up the URI of

the recordings, and play each one out followed by a Menu (1 to go to the

next, 2 to listen again, 3 to do something else, ...)