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Clifford McGlamry
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Debugging UCCX Rest call

I'm trying to sort out a REST call in a UCCX script.  It's failing, and I need to see what is actually being sent to the server.

I cannot find this in the MIVR log, and am unclear if specific traces need to be enabled in order to see this.


Can anyone provide some advice?  


I'm sure we will.  You and I have interacted many times in these forums (though you may not remember). 

I also worked out how to get the base64 encoding to do it as a header worked out using a Java call as well.  This was definately an awesome opportunity to learn more!

Oh we have? That's cool! I find it hard to recall all of the interactions on here, so nothing personal. Hopefully those past encounters were successful.

Nothing personal at all. With the number of responses you generate, I honestly don't see how you have time to do much of anything else!

But yes, you and I have interacted many times over the years! :)

Have a wonderful weekend my friend....

Hi, I’m trying to get the same thing done from uccx editor (Rest api call). From postman it works with basic authentication and form-data in body. Trying to map the form-data into uccx header / body. No success yet. 

@Anthony Holloway 

Excellent tip as always. Have been struggling with few API calls that needed bearer token authentication instead of Simple authentication. Using "" for username / password and adding a new header "Authorization" with the Bearer token string did the trick. 

Thank you very much for the valuable suggestion as there are not documentation regarding this. Capture.PNG

Awesome! You're very welcome!

What version of UCCX are you on?

11.6.2, but I can spin up pretty much anything.  I'm trying to work out a POC for a customer in my lab.


Unified Contact Center Express (Unified CCX) to provide treatment to a Unified CCX script routed call once the agent ends the call from the Finesse Desktop. The Unified CCX administrator has an option to configure the Post Call Treatment via the Cisco Unified CCX Script Editor. This functionality will not be available if the agent ends the call from the phone rather than through Finesse, or when the customer hangs up before the agent to end the call. If there is a second agent that continues to talk to the caller, the caller is not transferred to the post call treatment at that time. Also, if the caller happens to be an agent themselves, the call will not be transferred to the Post Call Survey script.


Post Man Rest API
Working Scenario

A Place Call step from a test script to put a call in queue:

10231: Dec 05 19:01:36.215 EST %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:ClearConnectionReqMsgHandler
- isPostCallSurveyEnabled postCallSurveyDN: 5002
10232: Dec 05 19:01:36.215 EST %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:ClearConnectionReqMsgHandler:
runHandler connectedAgents.size: 1
10233: Dec 05 19:01:36.215 EST %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:ClearConnectionReqMsgHandler
- isPostCallSurveyEnabled. Only agent. Transferring the call to survey
10234: Dec 05 19:01:36.215 EST %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:isCTIRoutePoint, addr: 5002:true
Non-Working Scenario

Call placed from an Agents DN:

7754: Dec 05 18:26:31.845 EST %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:ClearConnectionReqMsgHandler
- isPostCallSurveyEnabled postCallSurveyDN: 5002
7755: Dec 05 18:26:31.845 EST %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:ClearConnectionReqMsgHandler:
runHandler connectedAgents.size: 2
7756: Dec 05 18:26:31.845 EST %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:ClearConnectionReqMsgHandler
- isPostCallSurveyEnabled: calling clearConnection. returning false


Caller disconnect rest API non disconnected Calls This is not issue its call flow


POST Rest API troubleshooting ProcedurePostcalltreatment.JPG


Post Call treatment Capture call connection information in the from above call info




Perameter used capture the logs information



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