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Dmitry Sidorov


can anybody tel me is it possible in ECE to make transfer to supervisor if email not answered in som timeout?

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Omar Deen

You can set a Wait node in the queue. Once the time of the Wait node expires, it can go wherever you route it... perhaps a queue for supervisors. Additionally, you can setup an alarm in ECE that can send an email to anybody you want saying that there's an email in the queue that has gone beyond the SLA. You're better off using the Wait node method though.

With ECE there is an option called AutoPushback. You can check that as well as based on certain criteria the chat/email reouted back to the original queue.

I agree with Omar. I have something similar setup for a customer where I queue it and place a wait node for 3600 seconds (1hr) and then reroute to like a general queue. 


In addition to that, I have SLA’s that would send heartbeats every time an email has exceeded certain SLA thresholds.

Hi Omar,

Based on your suggestions above.

I am trying to use the wait node to reroute the call to another skill group, however ICM just aborts the call after the wait node timesout. It does not reroute to another skill group.

What could be wrong? Thanks as always for the help

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Ayodeji, is this a chat or a web callback? The Wait node works, but it's bound to the limits of the MRD, and for chat, it goes a step further. For chat, there is a watchdog setting that is bounded to the MRD setting, and this value cannot exceed what the Max in Queue time value is.

Thanks Omar. I figured this out in the end. It was indeed the watchdog interval. I had to make that smaller than the wait node time before the chat was re-queued

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