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Finesse Bandwidth Calculator

I'm working on a design for a new contact center and I'm trying to calculate the Finesse bandwidth required for a remote site.  This remote site is a satellite location for agents in addition to our two primary locations which also happen to be the home of our data centers.  I'm using the Finesse Bandwidth Calculator and have a few questions:


1. For the remote site, is it safe to assume that I need to add up the Total Bandwidth from the Client to Finesse Server Login Bandwidth and Post-Login Client to Server Bandwidth sections?  My assumption is that the Finesse Server to CTI Server section would be specific to the LAN that those servers exist on.

2. In the Client to Finesse Server Login section, is it safe to assume that No Caching vs Caching is specific to browser caching?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Finesse Bandwidth Calculator

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Hope this extract helps you


Cisco Finesse Desktop latency

Cisco Finesse Agent and Supervisor Desktops can be located remotely from Unified CCX. The round-trip time between the Unified CCX server and the agent desktop must not exceed 400 ms.

Bandwidth requirement for Cisco Finesse client to server

The agent and supervisor login operation involves loading web pages, and includes the CTI login and the display of the initial agent state. After the desktop web page loads, the required bandwidth is significantly less.

Because Cisco Finesse is a web application, caching can significantly impact the required bandwidth. For example, the first time an agent logs in, the number of bytes transmitted is approximately 2 megabytes. If caching is enabled in the browser, during subsequent logins, the number of bytes transmitted is 0.134 megabytes.

Because of additional gadgets on the supervisor desktop, this number is higher for a supervisor login (approximately 2.5 megabytes without caching and 0.325 megabytes with caching). To minimize the amount of bandwidth required for login, make sure that caching is enabled in the browser.

To help you with the bandwidth calculation, Cisco Finesse provides a bandwidth calculator to estimate the bandwidth required to accommodate the client login time.

Note that during failover, agents are redirected to the alternate server and are logged in automatically. For example, if you configure your bandwidth so that login takes 5 minutes and a client failover event occurs, agents will take 5 minutes to successfully log in to the alternate server.

The Cisco Finesse bandwidth calculator does not include the bandwidth required for any third-party gadgets in the Cisco Finesse container or any other applications running on the agent desktop client.

The bandwidth listed in the bandwidth calculator must be available for Cisco Finesse after you account for the bandwidth used by other applications, including voice traffic that may share this bandwidth. The performance of the Cisco Finesse interface, and potentially the quality of voice sharing this bandwidth, may degrade if sufficient bandwidth is not continuously available.


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Re: Finesse Bandwidth Calculator

Would the same hold true for UCCE?


Re: Finesse Bandwidth Calculator

I found that same extract in the UCCE Design Guide.  I guess my question is, there are three sections of the Bandwidth Calculator.  Do I need to add the Total Bandwidth from each section in order to have a proper number or can I leave out the section for bandwidth between the Finesse and CTI Servers if I'm calculating for a remote agent site?