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I am just curious of anyone knows if UCCX 9.02 will run on vmware ESXi 6.5.  I am told it is not a supported configuration, but I do not have support on the UCCX at this time anyway.  Our Call Manager version will run on 6.5.  Due to an acquisition, ...

dfowler by Beginner
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We have a problem that seems odd. The first agent of a day doesn't get calls until any other agents are there. After that, the first agent get calls.   We're using UCCX 11.6.1ES1.   Example... Agent1 logged in at 4:03 PM and is directly ready. Caller...

A_ by Beginner
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What is the difference between ICM and IPCC Enterprise ?. This is slightly confusing for me because sometimes ICM is mentioned as part of IPCC product suite. I also saw somewhere that ICM is generally used with TDM PBX/ACD, where as IPCC is generally...

vickmast by Beginner
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Hi Team,   Hope all are doing great,   We need information and configuration details on call recording solution from call Ringing to call disconnection in contact center environment. We are using third party recording system for all call recording bu...

Hi,   I tired to use some java stuff. But Java - Create Java Object  is not pressent in the editor. Only Create Remote Java Object is shown.   CCX 11.6 (1.00)  Editor on WIN10   I tried: - run as admin - local / connected login   Thanks Marcus    

Client need temporary breaking the UCCX v9 cluster HA to finish the DRS backup, and re-associate HA again, as need getting the database DRS backup first before rebooting the UCCX cluster servers. what is the better process without re-installing the u...

richardfu by Beginner
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