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Finesse database dips



I hope this wasn't posted recently, I couldn't find one relevant.

I'm using CCX 11.5 

I want to know if Finesse (with ccx) can perform database dips? Any documentation on how to do that, and manipulate the data dipped would be appreciated. 

My scenario is this: We want to stop using an analog system for accessing their online directory for user information. If Finesse can do this they save alot of money. If it cannot, can CCX do this efficiently enough? 

I'm looking for someone to brainstorm with that knows CCX Finesse well.

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I'm not sure I completely understand your use case, but UCCX can do a DB dip with a few basic steps. Now, Finesse would be possible too, but the customization would have to be bigger. Can you explain a bit more what you're trying to do?


Currently the customer users a system for searching their online directory in order to allow agents to quickly transfer calls to departments or employees.  I'm trying to get them off that system and use what Cisco already offers. So I want to figure out if and how Finesse can access this online directory and populate the information in Finesse so agents can transfer using one screen. 

The 3 options I came up with are:

Pull call manager information into a created database, and have finesse upload that instead.

Use CCX 'DB read' node to read the online directory database and get Finesse to read that somehow.

Have Finesse perform a HTTPS request.  Probably modify the XML to have a new tab, perform the request and have the data populate into that tabs container.  This seems like the best approach to me.

What information is needed in order to figure out where to transfer the call? For example, is it based on a zip code or an account number? Or is it based on a longer conversation with a human to figure out the best place to send the call?

If it's something programmatically (zip code/account/ANI/etc), then use the DB Step in UCCX and have UCCX do the transfer without having to go to the agent.

Now if it's a long process which requires human interaction, I would look into creating a gadget which allows the agent to easily bring up transfer numbers and then transfer a call with a single click.


it'd be department or person for transferring.  They use Nuance which asks if they want a person, department or operator. If Nuance can't understand them or they mess up 3 times it will send the call to the operator acd. Then the agent will transfer to one of the two. 

To your last statement: Would that be an HTTPS request? Yes they would need a gadget to house the information, but how does that work/is that a developer guide question? I found a single paragraph on it in the Finesse guide. 

Oh boy, are you using Nuance to recognize things like people's names? What are the names of some of your departments? Without knowing anything about your IVR I don't believe that Nuance is the right solution for something like this. Personally, I would use a Unity call handler for all dial by name/by extension callers. Then I would create umbrellas for each major group. Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support. If you want to break it down further, then after option 1. Press 1 for Sales of computers, Press 2 for Sales of houses, etc. Then at that point you've already narrowed the call down to a specific smaller group. At that point, you could use the Finesse phonebook so each smaller group knows the numbers of everyone else. Very low tech solution.


I want to have as close to a 1:1 mapping as I can, so I'm not going to touch that subject. They've been using it for 20 years. So the gadget from your earlier post: would that be an HTTP request, or use REST? 

I think you're confused about HTTP and REST. REST rides on HTTP, so in theory they are the same. My biggest concern is that unless you can dip directly into the Unity/UCM DB you will be out of sync. Can you build a site which allows you to find a specific person quickly? if so, then you can bring that website into a gadget. At that point you will have to figure out the click to call piece.


James Hawkins


Finesse supports Phone Books which are lists of contacts that agents can call and transfer to.

At the most basic level you could manually export the directory contents as a csv file, format it correctly and upload as a Finesse phone book.

If this gives you the functionality that you need for dialling you could look at automating the export/upload.

For example if the directory was Microsoft AD then you could use a Powershell script to export the date and then upload to UCCX using a REST API call. This could be run as a scheduled task so the upload takes place at regular intervals.


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